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YourQuote Patna Open Mic 5.0 turned out to be a big hit.

YourQoute Patna Open Mic 5.0 turned out to be a big hit.

YourQuote Patna Open Mic 5.0 turned out to be a big hit.

YourQuote organized its Open Mic 5.0 on the 16th of December 2018 at Small Wonder School (the oldest play school in the city), Patna. The event was sponsored by the Lucknow based Happiness Foundation (an NGO working on curbing aggression in children). The organizers of the event were Kritika Kiran and Abhinav K. Jha who put heart and soul in making the event a big hit.

Performances from various genres like comedy, love, patriotism were performed and equally applauded by the people. Young budding poetess Asmat Sayeed talked about the struggles of her father in her poem titled: Ek Aise Insaan Ko Jaana and had everyone in the event with moist eyes. The moment got captured in everyone’s heart when her father walked out to the stage and hugged his daughter.

YourQuote Open Mic
Kritika Kiran and Abhinav K. Jha

Other notable performances were produced by Aradhana Prasad who enticed the crowd with her Ghazal. English Fiction Author and Stand-Up comic Agam Anand had the funny bone tickled by his stand up comedy performance where he sarcastically enlightened the crowd about his visit to his village after a long time. Another Published Author Pranay Tiwari also made his presence felt at the event.

Prashant Mishra gathered praises for his wonderful Shayari which talked about the importance of being an Indian while Kritika Kiran, on the other hand, gathered much appraise for her beautiful thought which she conveyed through her poem.

The YourQuote event ended on a very positive note with a group photograph and feedback from all the participants and also with the promise of happening soon again. Abhinav K Jha delivered the vote of thanks and said – “It is not the first time memories were made but it is definitely the first time “these” memories were made. The event is a hit only when the people involved and the participants participating are a hit”.

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