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YET ANOTHER LOVE STORY: A short Rom-com By Prateek Singh

Love Story
Prateek Singh
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A short Rom-com By Prateek Singh

(With Special Inputs By Author Agam Anand)

Yet again my Love Story is seeing an end…. Today I, Prem, met with my girlfriend, TASHA, for the very last time. We were in tears but both had decided to move on and start a new life, a very new beginning without each other…. I think falling in love puts every potential fruitful beginning of your general life to an end even before it begins and breakup somehow enables us to get a new beginning until the time we find our new love.

There was a time when we were not apart from one another in fact never decided to give up on each other, but love is like that you need to put a big full stop; before Love stops your progress as an individual….

My love life started 3 years ago when a girl named Tasha came into my life when we’re in class 12th, love life is that kind of life when it begins your normal life gets abandoned.

Mathematics tuition will be remembered for the whole of my life where I met Tasha for the first time….. We were new to each other and I was so much scared to talk to her but still with a huge effort I uttered something and that was such a formal try to start up a chat between two strangers “I simply asked her name”. After this our conversation began, we became good friends then slowly converted into being close friends, and when you become a close friend of a girl it closes all the doors of other possibilities. Coming to and going from the tuition we used to walk together had a lot of talks regarding our lives especially my past, about “GEETANJALI” the girl who was my first crush. I fondly called her Geet, she was one of my classmates and especially the only girl in my life at that time as I was scared of talking to girls moreover I don’t even know how to treat girls, what’s the big deal, I didn’t even know how to treat myself also. As Geet was my first crush I was so much excited and attracted towards her. The love for her or I should say the “one-sided love” which created a new Prem Singh who actually had a romantically enabled HEART and FEELINGS came into existence. That crush really changed me a lot and yea how could I forget that moment when I proposed a girl for the first time…… That shivering body, fluttering of lips, the voice seemed to be lost somewhere in my throat…. At that very moment my friend Sagar forced me to propose Geet or else he would propose her, after listening to this I don’t know from where the energy came to me, after the school ended near the bus from which she used to go, in the campus itself I proposed Geet by giving her earrings. That moment I felt something different coming into existence in myself as at that time I was not even scared of the teachers especially from Reena Ma’am who was the most strict teacher in our school and was the bus in-charge also, though she could not figure out what actually I was doing around Geet but she stared me in such a way as if I had proposed her and asked to leave her house forever to live with me, anyway the very next moment which was a surprising one as usually the girls show their shyness and run away from the place but here opposite happened, I ran away and then when I looked towards Geet, she just passed a smile and went into her bus. The next day I was curious to know her reply and there I noticed that Geet wore the same earrings which I presented her. I was on top of the world as the sexiest girl of the class was my girlfriend, but soon the reality came in front of my eyes when her brother Sachin Tyagi was in search of Geet’s real boyfriend and by chance he caught me as Geet’s boyfriend but I was her fake ‘toy friend’ and actually someone else was her boyfriend and to protect him she used me, I was nothing more than a condom of protection for her.

At that time I was seriously dismantled like an overused condom, then the day arrived when we passed out our 10th class and Geet was going to leave the school forever and for the last time I saw my crush, by the way, every closed love story in future converts into crushes, yes this is a fact.

This was my past due to which I decided to not to love any girl in my life as all the girls are the same but then Tasha took a special place in my heart and I was in LOVE for the second time, I am sure the third one is also around the corner. This time when one of my friends Nadeem asked me to talk to Tasha regarding him that he want to be her boyfriend but there was a slight problem, Nadeem only had the lust for her. The first thing that struck my mind was respect of girls and the second most thing, my own feelings towards Tasha which forced me to deny Nadeem for this cheap act, I simply said: “She is your sister in Law, I don’t want to hear anything related to her from your mouth”. This time Nadeem was shocked because he was aware of my decision of not loving any girl ever after the Geet episode, but only boys know how easily boys change their decisions, faster than the fastest ball bowled by Shoaib Akhtar in the 2003 World Cup against England. He was happy to find his friend back in form and said: “Bhai Ki setting Hai Matlab Humaari Bhabhi”. The next day I confessed all this in front of Tasha in the same way as it all happened, she just passed a smile and moved ahead. At that time I was on cloud 9 as the reactions were all in my favor, Sach Mere Mann Mey Laddu Foote, so the next day I proposed her.

My proposal I can’t forget because don’t know from where the special super powers of respected Sri. Emraan Hashmi came inside me and I asked her to grant me to kiss on her lips and then we both got nervous. I kissed thrice but was not able to recreate the magical expertise of Hashmi sir, seriously no one can compete with him, so then I finally said – I LOVE YOU – by listening to this she scolded me not for the proposal but for taking so long time to propose her and then she gave me a tight hug and a lovely smooch, I know I cannot match the class of Hashmi sir ever but she put Miss Sherawat to shame, Tasha is a Mallika in giving smooches. I was shivering completely but when she entangled her fingers into mine, I got relaxed.

This was the starting of my Love Story or I should say THE GREAT GRAND LOVE STORY, till the time next happens. We both were so happy…….

Days passed by, we started coming closer day by day then finally after spending such a precious time with each other we decided to give a new adulation to our relationship as we thought to be in a physical relationship for the very first time but she was scared of her past so she denied, then her cousin advised her, to tell the truth of her life to me and test me that whether I love her or I just had lust for her….. She told me that she already had a physical relationship with her ex-boyfriend “Vipul Bhardwaj”.

That day was the worst for me as for the first time I came across the reality or I should say the biggest fear of Tasha as she was scared that after knowing I will leave her forever but she was unaware of this reality that I love her a lot and can simply keep this past as a secret for the whole life as I was in love with the girl not with her attractive physical staffs she has. The day all this happened there was a PTM in my school for which I was already late and much more scared regarding the reactions of my parents towards the teacher’s report about me. All the teachers were against me and they all convinced my parents regarding my lost attention in the lectures. Mom was very much angry upon on me, then we came home and my mother went out without saying anything as she was really angry and upset. She came back at 4 P.M. I was preparing tea for her, soon there was a call on my cell phone and that was Tasha’s, she asked me whether I was fine or not, I simply said baby I am fine and right now preparing tea for mom.

Mother heard that and I was questioned about the matter as it was the very first time I told someone what I was doing at that particular moment and there was a mess created in my house. My mother told me to end all, you just can’t keep your mothers unhappy.

Even after all of that, we had a great time with each other and as the time flew away we both started ignoring each other, reasons are unknown, maybe we had too much of us being together and finally the day arrived we broke up but partially.

After some time we met, both in tears and realized that we can’t stay away from each other and our relationship is just like the moon and stars, so we retrieved our relationship once again with a new startup and this time our attraction towards each other was so strong that without uttering a word we both were able to get through the thoughts of each other and many a time situations arrived that we both spoke same words at the same time.

We had such strong feelings that one day when we met, both got engaged with such feelings that everything happened automatically…

I still remember, 25 November 2016, we secretly married, by putting sindoor in her head. We make fun of people doing the same in cinemas and elsewhere but in teenage when this happens with you, it becomes the damn serious thing, probably the most important thing and after that, there was a small celebration for Tasha’s birthday and secondly, our secret marriage. The most recalling moment was when Tasha asked me for her birthday gift….

That moment was quite a confusing one when we had an argument on this matter as we were unable to decide a suitable birthday gift and suddenly she whispered, “If you want to gift me then give me something special and remarkable”, we wondered what could be such precious thing to be remarked for the whole lifetime and then suddenly she whispered again, “Marry me in front of everyone”. I was totally shocked and on the contrary was happy too as I wished someday somehow I could marry Tasha…. But that was too much, phat Jaati hai yaar, when I think of marriage in front of everyone in the teenage without any job and knowledge. And above all my mom will kill me.

We lived in our cocoon, we were happy and started thinking about our future life….

Days passed, sweet lovely moments flew into the air with time and the day arrived we never thought of.

Today I, Prem, met with my girlfriend, Tasha, for the very last time….. We both were in tears but had decided to move on and start a new life from a very new beginning without each other…

We recalled all our sweet, lovely moments which we like kids grew up in shed of the memories, time flew away as if it had wings and now we are left with nothing except the memories we spent together but the most painful memory that, “Tasha left me in the middle of this imaginative world created by both just because of a boy whose presence hardly mattered a few days back is now her major priority’’ She will make new cocoon with that boy, but the most disturbing thing is, when that boy entered in her life if I was there with her? Bhayanak Chu*** Bana main yaar, probably when I was ignoring her cause of mother’s fear, she ignored me for that boy and then she partially broke up with him to be back with me so that we can completely break our relationship, which we did today. God can only save that boy now, complete break up is somewhere near for him but having said all that I also want to say, I loved her madly and for me, our love was pure as 24 karat gold.

Now we are apart and finally living without each other, now my normal life has opened up, I feel sad most of the times because I am single but don’t you think being a single is far better than being a Chu***. Sorry for the language, I think you know how painful it is to be a heart broken Chu***.

But I know I have a heart which will fall for someone else very soon. And this time I am 200% sure that I will find my true Love and also wish to see Tasha with her true love someday, till then I hope to score well in my graduation exams and get a job or else as I said earlier my mom will kill me.

Prateek Singh
A 21 years old student of Nehru College, Faridabad. Interested in reading and writing poems/stories. Loves helping people.