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Words and Actions: A Poem by Madhu Smriti

Poem Madhu Smriti
Madhu Smriti

Words and Actions

A Poem By Madhu Smriti

A Poem Madhu Smriti

Madhu Smriti

Bribery is a delinquency,
Liberty to choose is what pillars democracy;

Equality is a salient feature of Constitution,
Women aren’t anyone’s possession;

Education is a fundamental right,
Freedom will turn things bright;

These are the statements always heard.

Everyone has a view,
Everyone speaks.
Politicians, poets and motivational speakers;
Actors, religious leaders, and civil servants;
You, me and they.

Words are purged,
Actions are submerged.

Raichands are visual all around.
But there aren’t seen Laxmi Bai-s anymore,
No Bhagat Singh steps forth.

Corruption is even broader,
Article 377 exists heretofore;

Reservation engulfs talent and knowledge,
Bodies are still being sold;

Studies are still kept on hold,
Nirbhayas are still raped;

And so far only words are purged,
Actions yet submerged.


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Madhu Smriti
Madhu Smriti is a 16 years old high school student from Patna, India. She was in middle school when she started being praised by her teachers for the essays she wrote and then developed a passion for writing.