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I want to stay loyal with my readers and will continue to write Romantic thrillers says Author Arpit Vageria.

Arpit Vageria
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Arpit Vageria is back with his second novel ‘I still Think About you’ that too after four years of his 1st novel ‘Chockolate Sauce: Smooth Dark Sinful’, he also writes for Indian television industry and has written scripts for three television series and various award functions. Formerly a part of The Times of India Group, he now also writes for the immensely popular digital channel, IIT (Indian Idiots Television). Hailing from Indore, he currently lives in Mumbai. An alumnus of Renaissance College, Indore and IBS-Mumbai Arpit’s latest novel is getting some very good reviews from the readers. I recently had a personal colloquy with the author, a very well behaved and soft spoken young man with some serious goals for the future, here’s the highlight of the interview.

Q. Why it took so long to write your second novel?

There were couple of reasons behind it, first of all I wanted to write a novel which in a way different from my first novel keeping the genre intact though this time it is not only a romance but a romantic thriller and second thing was that I was looking for a better publisher who can distribute the book in entire India and maybe abroad if possible, so finally I got a publisher who can do of this while in those four years I have been busy in some other writing assignments too that’s why it took me quite some time to be back with my latest novel.

Q. Tell us more about your novel ‘I still Think About You’.

As I said it’s a romantic thriller and at the same time it talks about many different human emotions, unlike other romantic stories. So it has the thrill, romance and other elements of human relationships together nicely woven into one story. ‘I Still Think About You’ is a story of love, brotherhood, passion, dedication, pain and the depths to which a heart can go to win back lost love.

Q. Are happy with your publishers this time and was it easy or difficult to come on board with Srishti Publishers, the distribution giant of our country?

Yes, I am very very happy with Srishti and I think they have noticed my past work, my 1st book because other publication house take a lot of time to react on the script if you send them but Srishti liked my script and replied back in just three days, they have been very professional and once the story was selected they wanted to take the ownership of it, so in that way I would say it was so fun to work with them rather calling it easy or difficult.

Q. Where you want to see yourself in the next 10 years and what is your quest as an author?

Ten years from now I want to see myself as a more mature writer with 10-11 more books penned by me as I want to write a book every year definitely depending upon the response of my readers and somewhere down the line I also don’t want to restrict myself as a novelist only, I would love to write for films in future and also want to see my novels being adapted into movies. I believe one should be a forever student and I want to get better and better with my every other novel that’s my quest.
Q. In your novel there are 4 principal characters, Aamir, Dhruv, Sachi, and Anvi. It’s difficult to pick one but still out of the four which one is most close to your heart and why?

Hmmm. Dhruv is my personal favorite and close to my heart because I see myself in him but the character which I respect the most is Aamir, he is the one every girl would want him as a boyfriend, every parent would want a son like him but yes Dhruv is a spoilt brat that’s why he is my favorite. (Smiles)

Q. If ‘I still Think about you’ gets a film adaptation then which actors you feel will justify these characters?

Well, I don’t know about other characters but certainly, Ranbir Kapoor should play the character of Dhruv and Shraddha Kapoor must play Sachi.

Q. Are you gearing up for your next novel as you said that from now on you’ll write one book every year? What is it’s Genre?

Yes, in fact, my next novel which falls under romantic thriller genre will see its release in January 2017, this time I am fast and it’s not that I wrote it in no time but the reality is something different. I wrote few stories in those four years when I had no release now I am making it more contemporary so that it can be published and I am very happy to share that yet again Srishti will publish my novel, I have a great association with them and want to continue it for long.

Q. You are writing a Romantic Thriller again, don’t you think you need to try different genres and exercise your versatility?

I do not really want to experiment with my genre because I want to stay loyal with my reader base, they know me as an author who writes for romance and romantic thrillers though I want to write stories from different backgrounds but by sticking to the genre in which I have readers. And I have written nonfiction for TV and also humor but the thing is in India people expect certain kind of work from every writer and not a single writer has become successful by switching their genre here. Similarly people expect from me to write romance or romantic thrillers so I want to keep my loyalty towards them at the same I have written two very different stories so far and will continue to do so.
Q. Tell us about your favorite authors and inspiration for writing?

I take inspiration from my own life the most and my favorite authors are John Green, Nicholas Sparks, and Betty Mahmoody.

Q. Any message for your fans and readers? And yes for the aspiring writers too.

To my readers, I want to say that, keep reading my books and do give your feedback on facebook or twitter and write reviews on amazon, feedbacks are very valuable as it makes me learn a lot and also helps in improving with every other book.
And to the aspiring authors, I would say that they should not try and copy anyone’s writing style, be original and that will take them ahead. Also, they should keep reading lots and lots of stuff of all the genres till the time they decide which genre they want to explore as a writer.

Shawn Kalon
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