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V. SHANTARAM (ace of aces)

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Shawn Kalon

Author at GyanDarbar
Life coach, Correspondent at GyanDarbar, Documentary filmmaker, Actor.
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V. SHANTARAM – (‘RAM’ of ALL MAKERS) image_83



CARRIER – ACTOR – 32 FILMS (debut in Singhagad 1923)

DIRECTOR – 55 FILMS (debut Netaji palekar, 1927)

PRODUCER (1st Bandai, 1948)




A PIONEER in every sence, when it comes to INDIAN CINEMA.

THREE Things which STAND OUT and showed the way to ‘FUTURE’

1.RANI SAHEBA (1930) 1st children film to be made in INDIA.

2.SAIRENDHRI (1935)is actually considered to be the 1st COLOUR MOVIE OF INDIAN CINEMA,had it not been the some technical problem in the processing phase, subsequently resulting it being converted and finally released in BLACK n WHITE.

That It finds a mention in ’21 MOST MISSING TREASURES OF INDIA’ by P. K. NAYAR says it all.

3.One of the 1st studios PRABHAT FILM COMPANY was formed by him and  his friends in 1929,which was active for almost 27 years before its closure.

That iconic PRABHAT building is now TEMPLE for all budding film students FTII PUNE

4.Shantaram was the true representative and lover OF INDIAN CLASSICAL AND FOLK MUSIC, and it reflected in his movies which has numerous GEMS. Who can forget the

AEY MAALIK TERE BANDE HUM from DO ANKHEIN BARA HATH’ it still brings goosebumps.

Watch “aye malik tere bande ham.. film do aankhen barah hath – Lata Mangeshkar.” on YouTube –

5.His take on social messages through his work was exemplary and the suttle yet strong impact it had is still unmatched.

Today’s generation if Truely wants to celebrate INDIAN CINEMA should look at some of THE MASTERPIECES he produced directed and acted of which some are a LEARNERS PARADISE

MANOOS(1939) image_80 -even CHARLIE CHAPLINimage_87 was bowled over by its brilliance Watch “MANOOS – Shahu Modak, Shanta Hublikar” on YouTube –

DR KOTNIS KE AMAR KHAANI(1946) –image_85 based on life of DR KOTNIS and his sacrifice while working in CHINA during SECOND WORLD WAR, was a bilingual ENTERNAL LIFE OF DR KOTNIS

Watch “Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani – Full Movie” on YouTube –

JHANAK JHANAK PAYAL BAAJE(1955)image_79 – classical dance community if ever decides to bestow any award to a Indian movie for making them proud The search ends HERE.


image_81 Its a CULT in every sence and one of the 1st  to showcase INDIAN TALENT GLOBALLY,That it wonTHE GOLDEN BEAR award at 8TH BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL in addition to being 1st INDIAN FILM to triumph at GOLDEN GLOBES.

This too was a bilingual, making him thespian who was ahead of his times, as what is being done to have maximising reach he was doing it long before 

The art had Truely some ‘UNDERCURRENT TENSION’ which is rarely seen.

Watch “Do Aankhen barah haath” on YouTube – Do Aankhen barah haath:

Legend word is oven referred very loosely but it gets justice rarely, but in V SHANTARAM’S case if ever word LEGEND in CINEMA has to have an example their is no1 but ANNASAHEB (his pet name) who should find a mention


His last creation may have been JHANJHAAR (1985), but his body of work has left an EVERLASTING IMPRESSION.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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