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Ufc 207

Shawn Kalon
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UFC 207Ufc 207

UFC 207:

Main event-

Woman’s Bantamweight-


Legendary RONDA ROUSEY is not RISING anymore.Infact she is going down faster than anybody who has ruled the roost in whatever field they made their own.Ufc 207Ufc 207

BRUCE BUFFER the legendary announcer’s introduction time was more than actual match details if time frame was taken into account,yes shockingly 47 seconds mayhem from the champ and RONDA was tamed,which made the GOLDBERG annihilation of BROCK( WWE survivor series december  2016) seem too long when that lasted below 3 miniutes.Ufc 207

What should have RONDA ROUSEY done?

She is in my view should have made her comeback after the HOLLY HOMES 2015 match debacle, where she suffered her 1st beat down ,and not jumped into the ring with the champion but fought someone less accomplished in terms of ranking,as it would have made her get back her into the winning grove because in end it’s all about the confidence no matter who you are a champion or a beginner


For those who don’t no or have seen her in no nonsense demeanour in Hollywood franchises likeUfc 207 FAST AND FURIOUS 7 , EXPENDABLE 3,well the meaness on screen is nothing when compared to aggression and fear she practices and unleashes in reality can be gauged from her 12-0 record she had before 2015 with max  matches not making the 2nd round.

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