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Trust your story and keep writing Says Author Gaurav Tanwar.

Gaurav Tanwar

Trust your story and keep writing Says Author Gaurav Tanwar, who is on a high with his debut novel ‘SINFUL CROSSROADS’.

Gaurav Tanwar did his schooling from Delhi Public School, Gurgaon. He is a trained Mechanical Engineer and Management Professional with a successful stint in the industry. Currently, he is on a short sabbatical, giving wings to his passion for writing. His interests include reading, interacting with people on the streets of less crowded cities, traveling on bikes in the Himalayan terrain, trekking and late night drives. We had a chat with him last week and here are the highlights of the interview.

Q. Your Debut novel ‘Sinful Crossroads’ has got some brilliant reviews on Amazon that too in just one month of its release, how it feels and what is the response in general outside the online portals?

Ans. Before mentioning of the response, I would mention that SINFUL CROSSROADS has never been just a book; it has enhanced my perspective to look at life. It’s a journey for me. And when readers read and give a lovely response to the work, it is a feeling worth cherishing. The response, by God’s grace, has been great and I am hoping that it continues further. People outside the portals are also enjoying the journey of the read, as I get messages on my facebook and Instagram about readers liking the book, though I am working with my Publishing team on increasing the reach of the book as being a debut author it’s important to reach as many readers as possible.

Q. Tell us something about your first novel,‘Sinful Crossroads’, what made you choose the subject and what is its USP?

Ans. Sinful Crossroads is an Inspirational Romance Travel fiction based out of two extremely curious guys from Delhi. One being curious about everything around, while the other finding a place to relax. They start their journey lying to their parents. While on their way to the destination they had experiences which were totally different from what they used to have on regular basis. They make friends on the way, meet beautiful girls and listen to some breathtaking experiences.But when they finally breathe after a series of adventures, they aren’t the same anymore. Sinful Crossroads is a story of how random things sometimes add up to make for the most important life-lessons. Read it to find more. Sinful Crossroads is an easy read and I believe it’s the USP apart from the manuscript which can be correlated by some or the other instances of each person who’d read it. 

Q. Which genre you enjoy writing the most and why?

Ans. I enjoy writing about travel and love.

Travel because it is something which connects you with everything that you passes by, like you were traveling between some certain places and you takes up a halt at a specific Dhaba, there you experience something you never experienced before. So here every time you get something or someone new to write about. A fresh face or place with a fresh thought entangled with a totally new tale.

Love because it’s something that makes you feel out of your imagination, as sometimes it makes you feel loved, on the other hand, it makes you feel unwanted. So here lies my interest as I love to portray those feelings that straightaway comes from the heart, unbiased and untouched. 

Gaurav Tanwar

Q. What is your quest as an author? How you balance writing and career in the field of Management?

Ans. That’s an interesting question. Quest as an author is to peacefully survive the moments when you have a story, your characters, time and all favorable situations, yet you can’t write. Yes, there are such moments which are frustrating, but I learned that keeping calm and positive is the solution to that quest. And then coming up with a story which would make the readers realize that they are actually living it, besides making them inherit something they didn’t realize till they complete the read.  

Balancing my career and writing have never been hard for me. Writing is my choice, in life. And, so is my career. Since both are my choices, which I have chosen.I never had a difficult time managing both of them. And, yeah, 24 hours a day, throughout my life is more than sufficient to make my things work on time!!

Q. The synopsis of your novel ‘Sinful Crossroads’ is very intriguing, our team of critics are excited to read it, what should they expect from it? How much is it inspired from your own life?

Ans. Your team of critics should expect it to be a breathtakingly fast novel leading them to different places besides keeping them dangerously curious on every page till they reach the end, and then suddenly giving a meaning to each and every situation they’re in while reading it. As on every tenth page, their expectations will change. So I just request your team to go with the flow and have a conclusion after the read.Awaiting their reviews. A lot of my work is based on different voyages at different places with the different experience. 

Q. What are your plans for the promotions?Have you planned to launch the book in various cities or something like that?

Ans. Presently I am promoting it via my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Facebook: –

Instagram: –

Twitter: –

Apart from this, I am in conversation with my Publishing team about the launches in different cities. Will update you once the lenses would be clear regarding the dates and venue.  

Q. We heard that you are on a sabbatical, why’s so?

Ans. Yes, I was on a sabbatical to complete ‘Sinful Crossroads’, though now I have rejoined.

Q. Is finding a publisher was a challenge? How is your experience so far of working with Srishti Publishers?

Ans. Writing a novel is a two-step process, each attached with its challenges. The first step is to write. The second is to publish. Certainly, publishing required endless efforts and time. But, at the end when you see your novel, you feel the story and when you find people reading it, trust me all those sleepless nights are worth it!

My experience working with Srishti Publishers have been great, touch wood! I would, in fact, say that the team at Srishti has been of constant support throughout!

Q. Who are your favorite writers and also tell us about your favorite books?

Ans. If you haven’t already figured out that I LOVE to read, well, I just don’t know what to say! I LOVE to read. I especially love to read books that make me think. About my life, my choices, my dreams…Paulo Coelho and Khushwant Singh are the writers who do just that. There is something in their words that makes me struggle to achieve, to grow, to become all that I am supposed to be.

While every book in the world is worthy of bookshelf space in my library, my favorites are The Alchemist, Train to Pakistan and Bhagavad Gita. And of course, my book, Sinful Crossroads!

Q. Who or what is your inspiration to write?

A. First of all my own happiness inspires me to write, then those feelings I get while traveling or interacting with different people having different lifestyles, and an altogether a different thinking process. I try to jot down each and everything new I experience.

Q. What’s next? Already weaving ideas for future books or not yet?

Ans. Yes, I have already started working on my second book. It’s going to be an intense love story. Something totally different than what my debut novel is about, though there would be some touch-points but it is going to be a totally different genre. 

Gaurav Tanwar

Q. Tell us about your personal life a bit and your interests?

Ans. My biggest interests are traveling, trekking, swimming, and riding. I am totally passionate to reach a place where I can leave my body at rest and my feel buds at work, this way I help portray feelings into words. I love riding Royal Enfield but only above the height of 2000 m. I also love going to places where my phone doesn’t work, just to escape from the chaos around and refresh the power of feeling something.

Q. Any message for the readers and budding writers you want to give? 

Ans. Of course, Readers are my best friends. You know why? Because readers complete a writer. Also, alike best friends readers are honest and tell you what they like or dislike in your work, which leaves a scope for improvement. My message for them is to keep reading and keep chasing all of your dreams.

As for budding writers (though I myself is a budding writer), the only message is to trust your story and keep writing. You’ll face hurdles, but remember, No Matter What just never give up on your story! Love it endlessly and unconditionally! On that note, Keep Writing!

*I would just want to add one thing for GyanDarbar here. I am glad that you guys are taking up the initiative to promote reading and writing both. I wish you all the best for the efforts and your journey. I just wanted to tell you that you all at GyanDarbar are doing a brilliant job! Keep that going!

You can also read his book, click here.

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