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Being a traveller gave birth to an Entrepreneur and an author in me says Author Prachi Garg.

Prachi Garg
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Prachi Garg recently came into the world of writing with her very popular nonfiction book ‘Superwomen’ and grabbed the attention of the readers as well as media. Her book is an anthology of biographies which tells the story of 20 dynamic women entrepreneurs of our country and their interesting journey to success. Her book is definitely inspiring its target readers across the nation.
Prachi along with being a writer is also an avid traveler and entrepreneur. She started, an enterprise where the team organizes corporate tours based on the customers’ requirements, budget and provide them with a bouquet of options. This initiative was taken up by her during college days. has been covered by YourStory, The Indian Express, Femina and many other leading publications. Recently she has been featured by Exhibit Magazine as one of the women who made it big online. She has delivered workshops on entrepreneurship and has been part of panel discussions related to entrepreneurship She also takes up queries related to entrepreneurship at
A computer science graduate from Miranda House, University of Delhi, and an MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, she has interviewed personally all women featured in the book. Prachi currently lives in Delhi.
Recently I had a confab with her and here’s the highlight of the interview;
Q. How’s the response of ‘Superwomen’, are you satisfied with it and how many copies have been sold so far?

See you would never be satisfied with response as you always want more than what should be there however I have got some very good reviews and no one came to me and said to me that ‘Prachi I have not liked this or that in your book’. My motive behind writing this book is to inspire the people and in that way I have been successful as all the female readers whom I had interacted with after they read my book said that it really inspired them and they also want to do something of their own and start a fresh. Another thing is that, most of the people want the hindi version of the book too so that it can reach out to the tier 1 and tier 2 females and I have started working on that. Well in the last 5-6 months since the release the sale is superb, its not like lacs given the fact that I am a debut writer and its a non fiction book but still 7-8 thousands copies have been sold so far which is certainly very encouraging.

Q. How was your experience of working with the distribution giant of the country, Srishti Publishers? Was it tough or easy to get their nod?

I’ll be very candid with you, being a debut author it was very difficult to find a publisher and definitely there’s no doubt that Srishti is one of the best in the business right now but if you see they are more into the fiction and romance genre, there were multiple rounds for me and it was very difficult to make them agree to publish a non-fiction book. Apart from Srishti I went to various other publishers also only to be rejected. A non-fiction from a famous personality is easily accepted by the publishers but not from a rookie like me. And above all the stories I covered in my book are about the very regular women of our society who are doing great at their places but not much popular so that made it even more hard for me to get a publisher but thankfully after long conversational sessions with Srishti I any how convinced them and they made sure that finally I’ll be an author and will fulfil one of my childhood dream. I am glad that my second book is also coming with Srishti.

Q. Tell me something about your second book, what’s the title?

The title of my second book is “Better Halves of Start-ups”, again a nonfiction entrepreneur genre which tells the journey of 20 couples of our country who chose to start something on their as cofounders. This book brings out the ups- and downs in relationships when your better half becomes your professional buddy too. I personally had the conversations with them or either through telecon, the book will be out in the stands this December.

Q. Any plans of writing fiction in future or are you happy and content with the nonfiction genre only?

I’ll be honest with you, I already told you that I wanted to write a book since my childhood irrespective of whether it’ll be a fiction or nonfiction. As a child, I wrote Letter to the editor and one was published when I was in Standard 4th then only I knew someday I’ll write a book. Some years back I started writing a fiction but I never completed it, if I’ll get some more ideas then I may go back to it or may be I’ll write some poetry compilation though right now I don’t know. When I had my start up I realized that its not easy to be an entrepreneur at the young age of 25, then this idea of writing a book on the challenges women entrepreneurs face in our country came into my mind and I decided to talk and meet 20 different women at Pan India level and gave birth to ‘Superwomen’. Its a case of serendipity for me as I am going with the flow or maybe I think I am better in writing non-fiction things than fiction.

Q. Who among the 20 women you met for ‘Superwomen’ has inspired you the most on the personal level? Tricky question but give me just one name.

Its a very tough question as all of them inspired me but yes personally Richa Singh the co-founder of has inspired me personally, she is working in a field that is still very untouched in our society as people don’t want to confide their problems with anyone and going to a psychologist is wrongly seen as an action of a mad. But she works for free and people can share their problems online and get the remedy without coming in the eyes of the society. And, another one is Riya Sharma the founder of Make love not scars, she is working extremely well to support acid attack survivors is someone I look up to with immense respect and one of the survivors she supported will walk in the New York fashion week very soon.
Q. What you enjoy being the most, an author, a traveler or an entrepreneur?

Without thinking a bit it would be a traveler because if I would not have been a traveler then I would have never coined and without it, there would have been no ‘Super women’. So being a traveler gave birth to an entrepreneur and eventually, the entrepreneur in me gave birth to an author. (She Laughs)

Q. Who are your favorite authors?

Paulo Coelho is one for sure, the first book I ever read was ‘The Alchemist’ and I also love to read Sudha Murthy because you can easily connect to her stories and second the language she writes is very lucid.

Q. Have you developed a very good rapport with Srishti Publishers as you are again working with them?

Yes, I don’t want to switch the publishers at all, I am very much happy with them and they are also happy with the response of ‘Superwomen’ in the nonfiction genre market.

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