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If a time comes in my life when I would be able to earn my living as a Full-time writer, then I would like to go back and pursue my studies again Says Author Dishant Huria.

Dishant Huria

If a time comes in my life when I would be able to earn my living as a Full-time writer, then I would like to go back and pursue my studies again Says the Author of When Karma Goes Upside Down, Dishant Huria.

Born in 1991 in Delhi, Dishant Huria has been a reluctant journalist and an active blogger. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a post-graduate diploma in Advertising and Public Relations, his true calling came to light in writing this book. A sports and travel enthusiast, he is a part of a digital marketing firm, having worked with Network 18 and NNIS News Agency in the past. When Karma Goes Upside Down and is getting a lot of appreciation among the readers, recently our team had an interview with him and here are the highlights of the confab,

Q. How does it feel to finally see the light of the day as an author of a novel and what is the response in general?

Ans. I am still trying to get the hang of it. It feels strange when people ask for a signed copy. Before the book came out, people were asking me to sign – either bank officials or governmental agencies.

Q. Tell us something about your first novel, When Karma Goes Upside Down, what is its USP?

Ans. The novel was written during a harsh and vulnerable face of my life, I can’t really say what the USP is but readers would definitely feel a sense of misery and sadness while turning every page.

Q. Which genre you enjoy writing the most and why?

Ans. I would like to believe that I have a sharp observation of the society Hence, I am more interested in creating characters who could be as morally realistic as the boundaries of fiction may allow.

Q. What is your quest as an author? How you balance writing and career in journalism?

Ans. I strongly feel that writing is one source that connects you to the higher self, and is as sacred as any religious institution. My only quest as an author is to be as honest as the society would allow me to be. Yes, it is difficult to handle your Career and Writing Together but let’s just say my passion towards writing grew on me over time.

Q. What was the initiation point which made you write When Karma Goes Upside Down?

Ans. We cannot escape death, and what we leave behind is upon us; so one fine day I told myself that if I want to write, then I better start off today, as the clock is always ticking.

Q. What are your plans for the promotions? Have you planned to launch the book in various cities or something like that?

Ans. We are living in an era where marketing is the master key to millions of locks, and I have no disgrace in saying that we will do whatever it takes to make this novel reach to the rightful readers, be it marketing on social media platforms to launching it in various bookstores all over the country.

Q. We heard that you are a reluctant journalist, why’s so?

Ans. Like I said, I am not too fond of hypocrisy. Journalism is all about your passion for bringing out news that matters, not what sells, blinders have been carved around journalists by the corporates and politicians and are governing the stories in their own evil ways.

Dishant Huria

Q. Is finding a publisher was a challenge? How is your experience so far of working with Srishti Publishers?

Ans. Finding a Publisher is not a task, “finding the Right Publisher is”. Self-publishers are waiting to exploit minds of new Writers, and use their publishing desperation as an objective to fulfill their own desires, and ultimately exploit them.

For a long period of time I kept on contemplating whether Giving my manuscript to Shrishti was the right step or not, but as we started heading towards the Final steps of Printing, I must say I was overblown by Arup’s attitude to bring out the novel, he has surpassed my expectations as a publisher, Without any inch of doubt Srishti Publishers is a well deserving pioneer of the publishing circuit.

Q. Who are your favorite writers and also tell us about your favorite books?

Ans. Charles Bukowski is the greatest and my only Favorite writer. That man has my loyalty without any failure. “Women and Factotum” by Charles Bukowski and also “the old man and the sea” by Ernest Hemingway are my all-time favorites.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration to write?

Ans. Hands Down to Charles Bukowski. That man made me realize why it is so important to write and love what you do.

Q. What’s next? Already weaving ideas for future books or not yet?

Ans. I have completed the First draft of my second Untitled Novel, but due to time constraints, I am not able to concentrate on the second draft.

Q. Tell us about your personal life a bit and your interests?

Ans. If a time comes in my life when I would be able to earn my living as a Full-time writer, then I would like to go back and pursue my studies again. I would probably get a Doctorate in Political science or in a related field. Apart from this I am a travel addict and plan to take a trip to Russia in July if funds fall in my way. Also in my free time, you will find me indulging in various sports. Learning horse riding is my new obsession.

Q. Any message for the readers and budding writers you want to give? 

Ans. Reading a book takes you a step ahead, in your growth as a human being.

For budding writers, if it as a hobby, then keep it personal and don’t use writing to attract fame or a publicity stunt. If you are serious about your writing then give your 200% or else forget it, because writing could be one of the hardest tasks you may take up in your life.

You can buy his novel from Amazonclick here.

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