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Tera Suroor

Tera Suroor
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Tera Suroor

Screenshot_2016-03-16-11-39-58Tera Suroor

Himesh has to be applauded for being the best example of trying going all out to be successful in  whatever he believes he can achieve even if majority feel it’s not in him and criticise as if trying is a sin,and those who don’t give up are Swines even if they themselves can’t even try from beginning when it comes to  chasing  their dreams

The makers say it’s a sequel to the 2007 APKA SAROOR, where it all started and I have seen with my own eyes the mad rush at the ticket windows well before the movie’s release, such was the craze for Himesh, no1 could wait. This is now and those were the days, oh what a difference it has made.

The tagline A LETHAL LOVE STORY, as if majority took the word LETHAL personally as if Himesh is gunning for them, what they forget is whenever any party celebration or disc his songs are still the craze.

Director – Shawn Arranha

Produced by – T series

Budget – 11 crore

Screen count – 1748 in India

Critics total average rating – 1.6/5 poor


Himesh Reshammiya 

Farah Karimee Screenshot_2016-03-16-11-40-27

Naseeruddin shah as Robin ‘Bird’ Dharamraj Santino

Kabir Bedi

Shekhar Kapoor

1st-weekend collections -4.50 crore approx

1st Monday collections -1.38 crore approx

1st Tuesday collections -0.95 crores approx

TOTAL 5 days collections – 9crore approx

The makers are already celebrating as , profits  were already their from satellite and music rights even before the release date they want us no, good from them, if the feel hopefully not make believe.

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