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TENNIS SCANDAL news Roger Federer

Shawn Kalon
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TENNIS  fixing-

Tennis scandal :         It couldn’t come at a worst time, as Tennis scandal

AUSTRALIAN OPEN is on . Now even the die hard trusty will look every point with a skeptic eye and definitely pinpoint the blame game on players for not showing their true might.

26000 matches in the dock (last 10 years)

Top players unexpected names will also surprise and shock.

I always new it was bound to happen somewhere down the line, some players will turn out to be swines. Yes I am talking about TENNIS scandal which manny found it to be shocking but not for me . A grate player of all times, has manny records and plays sublime, yours truly couldn’t believe how he lost, last few years, especially on crucial points his try just dint feel genuine. Many more instances of different players are coming to my mind.

Some may say well Since its been revealed now?, many will be barking ‘WE ALWAYS DOUBTED ‘ you no. But who has played national levels, watched tennis and any sport closely than so much so that his school grades were the lowest to the CORE all because his love for sports . Their was always some uneasiness on watching how

some shots were hit,

some serves were delivered

some games lost.

BBC radio will be giving full details on TUESDAY, hopefully it would not be washed under the carpet.

Tennis fixing is the easiest, say many a players, Especially ‘SPOT FIXING’, as you are involved through out , unlike team sport where you are dependent on others for your whereabouts.

World No1 NOVAK Tennis scandalsaid an I quote “when I was young was offered 200,00 dollars, but I refused.

When WORLDS BEST says something it ought to be taken seriously, but what is curiously surprising why he spoke so late, could have told that time and maybe manny corrupt practices would instead be divine. Maybe it’s murkier and darker than anyone can imagine.

Tennis scandal

FEDRER (Click to Know About Roger Federer)
Tennis scandalsaid and I quote “Hopefully names are revealed” .

ATP as was expected denied any fixing was happening.

Tuesday THE D DAY hopefully TENNIS will not suffer as cricket is till date.

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