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My motto in life is to Love, Give and Inspire : Abhishek Kothari

My motto in life is to Love, Give and Inspire says Author Abhishek Kothari.

My motto in life is to Love, Give and Inspire says Author Abhishek Kothari. Abhishek Kothari, is an Indian Bestselling writer in the English Language. Abhishek was born in Dehradun, India. After completing his schooling from Raja Ram Mohan Roy Academy, he later shifted to Jalandhar, Punjab to study Engineering at Lovely

I want to see crime thriller genre getting popular among female writers and readers says author Aparna Sinha.

Aparna Sinha's first novel 'Ashwamedha' recently came in the market and the thriller got thumbs up from readers and the critics. Equipped with a Master's in management, when she was forced to quit her lucrative job because of a chronic disease, she focused on her sole passion – writing. Recently I

I want to continue writing in the genre of ‘goodness’ to fill people’s life with more love, joy and smiles says best selling author Amisha Sethi.

Amisha Sethi

Highly acclaimed and successful book "It doesn't hurt to be nice" was released last year and made it's author Amisha a star who is also a global marketing leader and a soul fitness trainer and managing three widely different careers perfectly at a time, She is currently based in Bangalore

I firmly believe there are interesting stories unfolding around us all the time says Author Manish Dubey who is all set with the release of his debut novel.

Manish Dubey

Recently the cover of 'A Murder in Gurgaon' was launched by Srishti Publishers, a novel written by Debut Author Manish Dubey which grabbed a lot of eyeballs. Manish Dubey is a policy analyst with time for politics, cricket, sitcoms and PTA work. A Murder in Gurgaon is his first work of

I want to stay loyal with my readers and will continue to write Romantic thrillers says Author Arpit Vageria.

Arpit Vageria

Arpit Vageria is back with his second novel 'I still Think About you' that too after four years of his 1st novel 'Chockolate Sauce: Smooth Dark Sinful', he also writes for Indian television industry and has written scripts for three television series and various award functions. Formerly a part of