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Ghayal returns

Ghayal returns

Ghayal returns –2nd day collections Ghayal returns Budget - 40 crore + 1st Saturday - 7crore +approx Friday - 6 crore +was reported, night collections helped it to reach 7 crore + TOTAL INDIAN COLLECTIONS - 15 CRORE approx Strong - DELHI, East punjab and central India single screens Weak - Multiplexes all over India Critics total average



GHAYAL RETURNS preview - GHAYAL (WHERE IT ALL ERUPTED) -  Year 1990, was when DHAI KILO KA HATH took birth, okay was DAMINI  where it was full blown adult, but GHAYAL was the movie where the idea and process were unearthed. Took the country by storm such was the GHAYAL impact even the