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I Am Stuck: A Poem By Madhu Smriti

I Am Stuck: A Poem By Madhu Smriti
Madhu Smriti


A Poem By Madhu Smriti

A Poem Madhu Smriti

Madhu Smriti

I’m stuck in a web.
No, the web doesn’t seem accurate enough.
I’m stuck in mid of a tornado.
Unlike the things in its twisted spiral,
it doesn’t throw me.
It just keeps me in the center
and tags me along wherever it goes.
It carries enough dust to fill my pores
and suffocate me to death.
But It doesn’t kill me.
Whenever I’m nearly filled,
it blows all the dust.
And this repeats.
Even my near deaths don’t satisfy the cruel tornado.
It keeps engulfing whatever comes in the way.
Some of them stay long enough
to give false hopes.
And some boisterous enough to
kill all the hopes.
When I was a naive,
I used to fight, to resist.
Just to find myself even more helpless.
I have now surrendered
and left me to go with its flow
till it lets me breathe,
till I dare to breathe.
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Madhu Smriti
Madhu Smriti is a 16 years old high school student from Patna, India. She was in middle school when she started being praised by her teachers for the essays she wrote and then developed a passion for writing.