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Star Wars: Force Awakens Box office update.

(source – GD reporter) 1451194062077-1



Star wars is all set to create many new milestones at the Global box office as it is moving at a superb Pace.1451194117399-1


with a whopping $49.11 Million USD on Christmas Day only in USA, it edged past $440.5 Million USD in America/Canada and $449.7 coming from foreign markets takes the worldwide total to $891 Million USD in just 8 days.1451194098033-1


$109 Million more and it’ll Become the 24th film in the history of Hollywood to breach the magical figure of $1000 Million USD mark.1451194277651-1


With New year holidays yet to come it might touch the $2167 Million USD mark of Titanic too, its a tough task but definately not Impossible.1451194077710-1

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