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Sridevi’s Mom finds audience, Spiderman Homecoming is a Hit in India.


Sridevi’s Mom finds the audience, Spiderman Homecoming is a Hit in India.

Last week’s major release Mom starring Sridevi which marked her 300th appearance in cinema found appreciation among the critics and the audiences especially the multiplex goers, In the first week it made 23.80 CR and hopefully will end at 36-38 CR in the lifetime run. The problem is despite having a good hold in weekdays the movie will only be a break even affair at the box office. The other release Guest in London had a bad 1st week of just 8 CR and it will finish at 9 CR mark to give Bollywood another flop.


Hollywood’s big release Spiderman: Homecoming is winning everywhere and has made $303 million USD worldwide and in India also it had a great first week and has the best hold over this week also in comparison to the other films. In India, it will make at least 60 CR which is very impressive and again proved that Hollywood films are outgrossing the Hindi films are quite often these days. It may become the highest grossing Spiderman film ever in India. This week Jagga Jasoos got its release and the film will find difficulty in attracting audiences as it is an alien genre for the Indian mass and it might give the boost to the last week films.

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