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Sporting calendar 2017

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Sporting Calendar 2017:
After looking at the tight schedule of the majority of the sports with back to back events it seems like a both BOON and CURSE to players, spectators and overall that GAME in particular. BOON because day in and day out its a bonanza for fans and broadcasters as rare is a week when their particular sporting event of interest is not on the show.CURSE as too much of everything brings in stagnancy and ultimate demise, and the majority of them are on that path of self-destruction unless sanity is restored.

Here is the schedule of some of the MOST POPULAR sporting events for 2017.This year may not have an OLYMPIC or WORLD CUP  to make it extra special but what’s in store is more than enough to keep the ball Rolling.

CRICKET –Sporting calendar 2017

ODIs and T20s-

January 15 to Feburary 1

India hosts England for 3 one days  and 3 t20s

April 3 to May 26th

IPL completes a decade with its 10th edition.

May 24th till May 31st(may change)

England host South Africa for 3  one days before june and 3T20s after champions trophy.


which was initially  to be shelved after its last ENGLAND edition,but was subsequently reinstalled in the cricketing calendar(it’s all about economics more than sports these days),will again be held in ENGLAND.


West indies host India for 5odis and 1t20

July to September

India tour Sri Lanka for 5odis and 1t20

August 17 to September 24th

England clash with West indies 1t20 and 3odis


Australia visit India for 5odis and 1t20

November 23rd to January 2018

Australia will clash with England in 5odis and 3t20s

Test arena –

February 8 to 12

Bangladesh is going to play it’s 1st test in India yes I dint mistype it’s true,maiden 5day visit against a nation which was responsible for their ICC induction.

Feburary 23rd to March 28

Aussies will clash swords both on practically and verbally for 4 tests.

May 24th to Aug 8th

England and South Africa  grind it out in 3 match series.

July to September

India visit the Lankan islands for 3 tests

August to September

England locks horns with West indies for 3 tests.

November to January 2018

It’s time for the oldest and most ferocious rivalries ASHES 5 test matches between two nations who love to hate each other especially the cricketing field.


Schedule is as per ICC and the series which are in the forefront have been highlighted, some may have been given a miss ,that’s because their schedule is still not sure ,GD team will keep readers updated.

FOOTBALL-Sporting calendar 2017

October 6 to October 28

INDIA gets its 1st taste of hosting a WORLD CUP when FIFA U-17 world cup takes place.

JUNE 17 to July 2

Confederation cup(which has 16 nations) being hosted by RUSSIA a dress rehearsal for the mother of all sporting events (Fifa world cup)when it comes to single sport ,which eventually RUSSIANS will be hosting in 2018.

BADMINTON-Sporting calendar 2017

January 1 to January 14

Premier Badminton league 2

March 7 to March 12

All England open

March 28 to April 2

Indian open super series at New Delhi

August 21 to August 27

World championship at Glasgow

December 13 to December 17

World super series final at Dubai

HOCKEY-Sporting calendar 2017

January 21 to Feburary 26

Hockey India league 5

July 29 to July 23

World league semi final at Johannesburg

Wrestling-Sporting calendar 2017

It’s DANGAL time thanks to the stupendous showing of ,the sportstars in last couple of Olympics, the sports is seeing unprecedented interest.

Pro wrestling league 2 was one of the many to suffer due to demonetization and had to be postponed, when will it be held only time will tell.


A forgotten sport which has seen the biggest comeback if team sport is taken into consideration, such has been the hysteria and craze that two pro league seasons were held last year itself.

Due to the world cup held in India late last year too, the organizers want to give a break so that too much in too little time doesn’t kill which is understandable.


The staple diet of 4 Grandslams for its fans starting with

January 16 to 29 Australian open

May 28 to June 11 French open

July 2 to July Wimbledon

and ending with

August 28 to September 10 US open

November 24 to 26

DAVIS CUP FINAL the event which still holds prime importance.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.