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Spectre 007 – Bond or Bonded to continue the series?

Spectre 007 - Bond or Bonded to continue the series?
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Review of: Spectre

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On 21/11/2015
Last modified:14/01/2019


Spectre 007 – Bond or Bonded to continue the series?

I am a huge Bond fan, I have seen them all, own them all, have tons of books about the movies, read all the books, and I grew up with Bond. And after a good Skyfall, I went to watch its latest part. Well, Spectre has beautiful scenery, a great Bond girl, a lot of humor, and Craig finally seems comfortable playing Bond. The problem is that it doesn’t go anywhere, I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen, something to make or break the film. When they get off the train in the desert I thought this is where the film is going to be a success or a failure. It failed, it bombed miserably after we meet Blofled the movie becomes a bore. He keeps talking and talking but he isn’t saying anything worth listening to, I’m not sure what he is saying and why he is saying it. There is no tension and his reasoning for being Blofled is so stupid, so petty, it’s laughable. When Waltz finally says he is name is Blofled during the torture scene it feels so forced, blah blah blah by the way I’m Blofled. The music is nonmusic, back to the days of David Arnold when you couldn’t hum a single tune from the movie, which is sad really because the music in Skyfall was brilliant. The fact the movie is so bland a good soundtrack might have added some tension or excitement. I’m tired of seeing Bond going rogue and not being trusted by M, we have seen this five times out of the last nine movies.

I want Bond to come in, sit down, have M flop an envelope on the desk and have Bond get to work. Please. Director Sam Mendes has done a good job again BUT he needs to work hard with his writers more in future if he wants to give back the life to this routine Bond films, Bond films should be made to increase the level of Action-adventure genre rather than being bonded to make it forcefully just to earn money. Actually, The film is well made, the girl is strong, Few action scenes are breathtaking with Batista and Daniel looking great in it, Craig to is at his best as an actor. BUT, the romance is not as intense as it was in Casino Royale, BUT It is not that classy like Skyfall, BUT not having a villainous villain really hurts the film. I hope the next film goes back to the basics. Stay back at home and watch classic Bond films instead, wait for it to air on HD channels. I wanted to like it but couldn’t. 2 stars from my side.

Agam Anand
Agam Anand is a Novelist and a Stand-Up Artist. He has written two Novels, his 1st novel 'A Non Entity' became an instant hit among youths while his second one 'The Colossal Illusion' ranked in the Top 100 best selling books in a day of its release on Amazon, it also won the TCK Reader's Choice Awards 2019 in USA, for being the best Romantic Novel of the year. Anand was also nominated in the Author of the year category at the NE8x Literature Festival 2019 for 'The Colossal Illusion'. He has graduated from patna in Accounts and did his Masters from Kolkata but he is more interested in writing, Litearature, Philosophy and internet. He is a Cinema Buff, Cricket lover, Very Positive and wants to see everyone Happy.

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