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The Soul Tree: A Short Story By Abhishek Kumar.

The Soul Tree: A Short Story By Abhishek Kumar.
Abhishek Kumar
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A Short Story By Abhishek Kumar.

The Soul Tree is a Creation of Abhishek Kumar on Love and Hope

The Soul Tree: A Short Story By Abhishek Kumar.

I still remember the mixed feeling I was going through during that phase of my life. Although I was a bit confused about that time whether to be happy or to be sad. But anyway it is a life process and it is like that only. I am very fond of nature and I feel it is the true gift to the human beings. And I believe in this theory that everything or object whether living or non-living has their purpose. I started loving trees, plants and flowers since my childhood as my father used to take me with him whenever he planted a seed or watered the plants. I loved helping and looking at him do all that.

Well, I need to come back to the topic. Going back to those days gives me goosebumps because something very extraordinary happened so I have to share it with you all. I was about 6 years of age and the only thing which mattered to me was playing all day long. Summer vacation was going on and I have nothing to do apart from being in the garden in the backyard of my house, there was a huge mango tree and some other plants were also there but my favourite was the mango one because of two reasons, first one is that it was planted by my father and second one is that I was waiting for those mangoes to fall down and have a taste of it. There lived a squirrel who used to be scared of me yet at the same time partially played with me.

But as a child, I always wanted to catch it and put it in a cage so that it will remain with me all the time. As time passed we became acquaintances of each other and the squirrel started responding more to me. We gradually started to play whole noon as my mom was sleeping during that time. One day my mom caught playing me with the squirrel, so she scolded me like a typical Indian mother and saying things like you will get infected and all that stuff. I was feeling very annoyed with her words and I was very stubborn in my childhood. As the day passed our friendship grew and we started playing the whole day. One day I found the little one on the ground unable to move even a bit, so I came closer, but it was scared and made some sound which came out because of the severe pain. I came closer and took it on my palm. I found that it had some serious injuries in the legs and was unable to move so I took it with me inside my house and started the treatment by putting some bandage and Dettol on the wounds. It resisted due to the pain but I had to help so that it will be fit and fine and able to play with me again. As it was not able to move, I kept it beneath my bed. So that my mom didn’t find it.

I started taking care of it by feeding and dressing it time to time. As time passed there was progress in the condition and it started moving from one corner to the corner of the room.

And then my summer vacation got over and I had to go to school. When I returned back and rushed to my room and started finding the little squirrel but it was nowhere seen in the vicinity, so I rushed to the garden looking for him. And started calling for it but it was not in the garden too. I tried searching everywhere but the efforts went in vain and the squirrel was not seen for days. One evening when I woke up with a heavy heart of losing the squirrel and I decided to forget it as I was very angry, how could it go away without any intimation. A few hours later a sound came from somewhere back of me, something was scratching my window glass. It was the same squirrel making some gesture so that I can notice it. But as I have told you I was stubborn so I was trying to ignore it in anger. I was going through a mixed bag of feelings. After facing my indifference towards it the squirrel went away and I thought it’ll return but it didn’t.

After a week I decided to climb the tree and look for it. With the help of stairs, I reached the branch of the tree where it used to live but again it was not there also. But there was a thing that caught my eye, a bit of a sheet. As I unwrapped the piece of the paper I noticed it is the page of the diary which was used by my father and it was kept in the trunk. Something was written in it which was a little bit faded due to different weather conditions it faced for a long period of time. I tried my level best to read whatever I could and found a line written in it which said ‘No matter what, wherever I will be, I will always be with you.’ Tears started coming out of my eyes as soon as I read that.

It was written by my father whom I lost a year back. With tears in my eyes and piece of paper in the hand, I came back to my room. When I slept I don’t know. As a kid, I thought the squirrel was my father’s another birth and it wrote the note for me and I lost yet another chance to be with my father but now I feel my father kept the note for me there when he was alive so that I can learn to look after the garden, climb the trees and the ladders of success and feel that he is always with me. It is up to you to form your conclusion but for me the thought I had as a kid is more riveting.


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Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar is working as a Project Manager in the helpdesk of Bihar Commercial Tax Department but he loves more to watch, play and discuss about cricket. Watching movies of different genres is his hobby and making others happy by cracking jokes is his way of living.