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Soul Talk: You are Beautiful.

Soul Talk: You are Beautiful.
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Soul Talk: You are Beautiful.

Soul Talk: You Are Beautiful, yes you are.

After several failed attempt at blogging, I finally decide to stick to this thing as I know I can write well it is just that I am too fickle minded sitting through even a blog post leave aside a whole novel.

My brother who I considered less good at writing than me has already published his first novel and working on his next which also is more than half complete and here I am struggling to write one page.

I remember how I used to fill several pages of my diary with my random thoughts, these days thoughts do come but I express them in 140 characters yes which is the maximum character limit for Twitter. Our generation is all about micro-bloggers we don’t have the patience to read a long article.

Anyway, that aside, I was thinking what will I write once I manage to sit determined to publish my first blog post, and the only thing which crossed my mind was what kind of a person I would like to be remembered as if at all anybody remembers me.

I religiously update my Instagram account with all sort of pictures, selfies, quotes and stuff which some way or the other define my personality. 

Let me tell you all that I consider myself very highly I do think I am better than all the people I interact with on a daily basis, and I have full reasons to back myself. I never get bored with myself, I enjoy my company so much so that even if I remain single the whole life I wouldn’t complain. Such is my love for myself. I think I am full of flaws and those flaws are what define me.

I have pimples all over my fair skin, crooked teeth to swear by,plump figure and what not, if I start writing to about my flaws this post might fall short, so let’s not dwell upon my dear flaws rather I should tell you how I use my flaws to underestimate the bundle of talent that I am. If I had everything perfect I would have been a snob. 

I want every girl to think the way I think about myself. So what you don’t look like a Victoria secret model at least you are real and not Photoshopped, applying a certain filter on Instagram doesn’t count. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Every morning wake up and tell yourself how cute you look without any hint of make-up. You were born beautiful make-up ruined you.

This morning was watching the video of Miss Universe contest 1994- the year Sushmita Sen won the coveted title for India. She didn’t just win the title but also became the reason for thousands of girls back in India to pursue modeling as a career. Her journey is so real that it made girls identify with her. Sushmita Sen is an epitome of grace for me. I was a little girl of 6 years when I first saw her on the cover page of a woman’s magazine and since then no other woman ever inspired me more.

Yes coming back to the video, I was randomly checking YouTube to search a video to watch when I stumbled upon Sushmita’s Miss Universe 1994 answers… She was asked, “If you had the time and resources which adventure would you have embarked on and why?”

To which she had replied that for her the adventure is something that she enjoyed from within and kids made her happy so had she ever embarked on an adventure it would be to help the little kids and draw pleasure by being with them. 
Watch the video here.

This honest answer from that angelic-looking Sushmita Sen all of 18 years did something to my insides. After 22 years she is still the same having adopted two daughters, being a single parent to the little angels, she is still on her adventure trip.

She is a woman of substance. I want to be someone like her.

Richa Singh
Life style and entertainment correspondent at also working with Tata Steel as Brand Manager. Graduated from Patna Women's College in Mass Communication, she also worked with Prasar Bharti and directed few TV commercials.

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