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Sarabjit 1st day Indian Collections 3crore +approx

Should it be watched -yes and no.

Yes for tear jerker moments.

No if can’t digest it’s more of a fictionalized reality. Also why make the actors mouth dialogues in Punjabi, when it’s a Hindi Movie and should be the motive have maximum reach.

Indian critics average rating -2.54/5(average)

Imdb – 8/10 (that’s why it shouldn’t be trusted wholeheartedly)

Director – omang kumar( whose last MARY COM  was below average but still one a NATIONAL AWARD,throwing light on how even premier awards of the country have gone to pits)

Cast – Aishwarya, Randeep, Richa chaddha

Producers – Tseries

Running time – 2hrs 11miniutes

Strengths – Emotions

Weak – should have been more realistic.




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