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Sarabjit 6th  day  Indian Collections 20.5crore +approx

1st Wednesday -1.91 crore approx

1st Tuesday -2.01 crore approx

1st Monday -2.09 crore approx

1st Sunday – 6crore approx

1st Saturday – 4.56 crore approx

1st Friday -3.69 crore approx

It’s sustaining but not the way it should have done, but in reality not much was expected from the beginning itself as, the subject had not much depth in terms of cinematic and audience to get attracted.

Should it be watched -yes and no.

Yes for tear jerker moments.

No if can’t digest it’s more of a fictionalized reality. Also why make the actors mouth dialogues in Punjabi, when it’s a Hindi Movie and should be the motive have maximum reach.

Indian critics average rating -2.54/5(average)

Imdb – 8/10 (that’s why it shouldn’t be trusted wholeheartedly)

Director – omang kumar( whose last MARY COM  was below average but still one a NATIONAL AWARD,throwing light on how even premier awards of the country have gone to pits)

Cast – Aishwarya, Randeep, Richa chaddha

Producers – Tseries

Running time – 2hrs 11miniutes

Strengths – Emotions

Weak – should have been more realistic.

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Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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