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Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions

Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions

Sachin Tendulkar, sorry it is SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR along with SMARTRON needs to be complimented for trying things which are not what your regular retired sportsman follow either trying to Coach or to become a commentator and sit on his laurels. Ok maybe it’s only SACHIN the brand which can venture into diverse fields and expect the customers to just go on by his name, but at least he his giving a look in and also if the promised quality is coming at such a decent price and will have a reach thanks to SACHIN then more such ventures must be supported .

Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions


Like his Cricketing acumen, DUAL in the majority; be it 4GB RAM, Dual SIM, DUAL LTE.


Latest ANDROID always 


Unlimited Cloud storage 


Ultra Fast FINGERPRINT SENSOR (as responsive as his stealing a single)

Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions


Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 Octa core PROCESSOR

Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions

Or Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions

Unmatchable in its category when it comes to class antennas which keep the call drops rates to minimal in addition to best drop test results thus this is one feature which surely will be worth noticeable and make it Dependable like only SACHIN was. 


5.5 inch FHD 1080×1920 pixels is sharp and crisp like his shots.Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions


REAR CAMERA – 13 MEGAPIXEL PDAF along with DUAL FLASH gives bright clicks even in low light just like Sachin was the only bright spot when India went overseas in the 90s.

Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions

FRONT CAMERA – 5 MEGAPIXEL with a wide lens to accommodate group selfies with ease.

SACHIN was known for his detailing and even small things were never given a miss that’s why he showcased total package just like 

FM Radio, NFC, USB type C port are not given a miss unlike by many.


3000mah could have been more what with so many dual’s to be taken care of, but then it’s not bad at all and with QUICK CHARGE facility compensating whatever more was expected.Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions


32 GB for 12999 and 64 GB for 13999 (Non-expendable) is a steal with such artillery and SACHIN we fully trust and believe.

SHOULD YOU BUY IT?Sachin Tendulkar Phone: First Impressions

Yes definitely if budget below 15000, this is one of the best buys and should be given a try. On top of it, SACHIN thy name and it shouldn’t disappoint like he never did.

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