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Ronaldo and Messi : Rivals or Football Legends?

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What is the 1st thing which comes to your mind when I take the names ‘Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi’ Rivals or football legends?

 I’m sure for most of the crazy football fans they are rivals. Yes, they are rivals in a way but the fans, media & press have changed the definition of rivals into haters. They have taken this rivalry on to the next level, in reality, they are icons, legends from another planet. Nothing in this world can match their stardom. Many have come & many have gone but there is only one Messi and one Ronaldo & there will be only one Messi and one Ronaldo forever. There are so many differences between them which ultimately make them similar. One is more Dynamic & versatile & other is all about pace, attack & strength. Leo is better at dribbling while Cristiano is best at beating players in the box. There was a time in Manchester where Cristiano used to dribble a lot but now in Real Madrid squad, his job is different. They both are brute free kickers. They both have played at almost every position of the game. In his early days at Manchester under sir Alex Ferguson’s coaching, Cristiano had started playing as a left winger where he used to dribble like hell, then he played as a mid field center back and after that in Real Madrid squad as I told you he turned into a different player altogether who is little reserve. Searching for the net is his major job in real Madrid. On the other hand, Messi also started his life in Barca’s as a left winger then he played as a mid field center back in the Pep Guardiola’s coaching. Luis Enrique made him play as a free forward who can play at any position as per the situation and that’s why they are world’s best players & the greatest of all time in football history.

Football Legends

In an interview to Egyptian TV station mbc, Messi said: “He pays no attention to the debate surrounding him & Ronaldo”. In another interview with Argentina’s El Grafico earlier this year he told “There is never been anything other than respect between us. We are rivals only on the ground”.

Football Legends

This summer after Copa America Final in which Argentina lost the match by chile in a penalty shootout where Messi failed to find the net, that was 4th-time Messi tasted defeat in a major final. Messi cried & took an emotional decision to step off from international duties. On that scene, in a press conference, Ronaldo said: “That it hurts me to see Leo in tears”. He also added, “I understand what Messi was going through and I hope he returns to the national team because they need him”. Here again, Ronaldo proved that they literally are not rivals who hate each other instead they have a huge mutual respect. Fifa president Sepp Blatter once said, “Ronaldo is like a commander and it’s good to have a commander on the field, it gives life to football”. He then added, “One has more expenses on Hairdresser than the other but that doesn’t matter, I can’t say who the best is, I like both of them but I prefer Messi”. Real Madrid’s current boss Zidane on CR7’s rivalry with Barca star Messi said, “It’s good for football”. Messi & Ronaldo have shared last 8 Ballon d’Or and that’s why people have taken their rivalry to this level. Whenever they meet this planet gets partitioned into two halves one is on the ‘Batman Ronaldo’s side’ and other is on ‘Superman Messi’s side’. Batman & superman are appropriate terms that can be attested with Messi & Ronaldo. Batman Ronaldo is not liked by everyone but a genius in every sense of the word & does his job damn well while the superman Messi is loved by everyone especially by kids & have some special powers. Both of them are philanthropists & believe in humanitarian work. One has his own charity in which he donates tons regularly while other is active with UNICEF. Ronaldo doesn’t have a single tattoo on his body because he donates blood regularly. They both are great human beings, no one in this world is currently in contention to match the level of Barcelona star and Real Madrid attacker. There are so many crazy people on internet & social media who post & talk shit about them and I know no one can change their mind & perspectives. All I’m trying to say is that probably a decade from now we will not see them playing & will miss them a lot but we will proudly say that we saw Messi & Ronaldo playing.

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