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Rocky handsome

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Shawn Kalon

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Shawn Kalon
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Rocky handsome – FINAL VERDICT –


Inspired by -Korean kik ass movie A MAN FROM NOWHERE Screenshot_2016-03-25-12-45-56


It’s was greatly expected to become a hit, but surprisingly dint get a proper  opening but what’s shocking was when atleast some jump on Sunday  should have been, but it turned out to be opposite a drop was what seen.

The makers kept on harping about how good the action was and a franchise is possible on record. But sometimes the concerned just forget that action movies need a strong base otherwise rejection is the case. Also unlike Bajrangi bhaijaan where the small girl had Endearing and equal footage both in publicity and the movie, here the little girl was nowhere to be seen as if her role was just an addition when it should have been full blown.


Danger signs -for the lead JOHN Abraham as when a star can’t even get a descent collections in 1st 3days then he is hot waters and need to go the the drawing board to start fresh and get back his lost charismatic trait.

Running time – 2hrs 6min

Release screens -2600-2800(on par with Gangajal 2)

Total critics average rating -2.05/5 below average

Imdb -7.3/10

Budget – 40crore approx

Director – Nishikant Kamat

previous work – Drishyam (good reviews and average +collections)

Cast – John Abraham, Shruti hassan and Sharad kelkar and diya chalawad Screenshot_2016-04-01-13-39-49

Producer – John Abraham, Sunil khetarpal

Cinematography – Shankar Raman

Edited by Aarif sheikh


Thursday preview  shows – 1.77 crore

1st day collections -5.29 crores

2nd day collections – 4.83 crores

3rd day collections – 4.13 crores

1st weekend collections – 17.79 crores

4th day collections -2.14 crores

5th day collections -1.82 crores

6th day collections -1.55 crores

7th day collections -1.25 crores approx

TOTAL 1st week collections (8days including preview show) -23.30 crore approx

Overseas total collections -7.25 crore approx Screenshot_2016-04-01-13-28-52

Word of mouth – Single screen only opened their mouth as multiplexes were totally numb.

Strong – Action movies always get a liking in single screens

Weak – multiplexes need a combination of emotions and actions and that X factor which now data movies are lacking

Final verdict – all pain no gain.

yes surprisingly final Verdict can be announced as nothing in addition is expected except a few lakh rupees, and some dollars and pounds.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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