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Rock On 2 and Chaar Sahibzaade 2: Week of Sequels

Rock On 2 and Chaar Sahibzaade 2: Week of Sequels
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Rock On 2 and Chaar Sahibzaade 2: Week of Sequels


Release date – Nov 11th

Critics average rating – (2.12/5) way below average.

Budget -40 crore approx

Run time -2hrs 23minutes

Opening- 5% to 10% (poor to say the least)

Caution -Excuses are our favorite shield, and this black money and subsequent chaos may not be the one which makers invent or have already for its dismal start.

Director – Shujaat  

Known for ‘BALI’  and ‘BELLE DE JOURNE’. both award winners.

He has also been closely associated with Sony and set max in achieving what they have.

Strength -Performances

Weak -Songs hard to digest yes the weapon which should have been most potent, feels like is blunt, to say the least. How could so-called smart makers do such a horrendous mistake, it’s like a huge army without any Astra-Shastra.

Sequel to Rock on(2008)which was a Critics delight (4/5 on an average), and shinning Armour at all the award functions including National, though didn’t create a storm at the box office but was darling of the audience it was catering too.

Abhishek Kapoor not shaking on Director’s chair – The major change and the one that maybe has been the death knell, the change in the guard of the director (the backbone of any project, more so when a sequel is concerned, as the parent always understands his child initially.

Chaar sahibzaade- The rise of Banda Bhadur

Both  in 3d and 2d

Director -Harry Baweja

Run time -2hrs 15 minutes


Sometimes the least expected gives the best surprises and entertains the most in actuality. The director  it seems has once again hit the Bullseye as he did with 2014 original , a box office hit both India and overseas, and if the opening is any indication it’s going to do quite well especially in Northern parts of the  country and blow it’s Trump-et once again in Canada and America where word Trump is lucky and unstoppable .

Surgical reality -Black money fiasco and it’s after effects do send seem to dent its prospects, highlights the point once again U CANT KEEP A GOOD Thing Down, it always finds a way to touch the right chord, okay if the concerned public is undeserving than anything can happen.

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