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Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch


Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

SMART WATCHES: Like Smart cities have been more of hype than substance and slowly but surely loosing their significance unless some drastic and noteworthy innovation comes. 

Last few months has seen traditional watch makers coming out with their own style statements in their own way which is welcome but does that make them truly fit into this category or its neither here nor there, stuck in between types. Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

Timex, the name which is epitome of Time being your best buddy always on your wrist stylishly steady thus making it one of the most trusted when it comes to accuracy consistency and being robust.

Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

TIMEX IQ+ does it have it in it to be an addition to the IQ of a person well sadly no because it’s though projected as a SMARTWATCH but in reality is a ACTIVITY TRACKER.

Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch




Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

Thus in a nutshell it helps you to know how you are leading a healthy and active life and how much calories you need to despise with help of it.Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

BLUETOOTH ENABLED makes these possible through the TIMEX app which the phone connects and binds.

WATER RESISTANT: It’s a great addition as 50mm of resistance power makes it durable and Dependable. 

INDIGO: A feature which TIMEX have made their own is pleasantly not been done with and keeps on glowing whenever their is low light or nothing bright .

Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

ALARM: A feature which in reality is of great use and can be a perfect reminder in sync with what the brain thinks.

Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

MISSES: Company gives a miss to the Notification part and that’s very very unfortunate, in fact had it been there at least a portion of it like call notifier, this could have been a steal deal.


PRICE – Rs. 10,000

Yes if you are looking for a FITNESS BUDDY from a trustworthy Brand which has never disappointed and always delivered for what it stands that is, “MAINTAINING TIME” and now “DISTANCE” then this is the one and the only one. 

Review: Timex iQ+ Smartwatch

We at GD were discussing that why do big brands always follow the DIL MAANGE MORE and unknown ones gives you everything and steal the show but yes CREDIBILITY thy name is TIMEX will always be foremost.

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