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Review: Sony Xperia XZs

Sony Xperia

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

What is a Revolutionary product?  When a company Showcases out of the box, and that criteria SONY has come out with flying colors with its SONY Xperia XZs. Sony Xperia

Now, what’s the particular stand out on this phone which makes the phone be the first and stand out from the rest?


Review: Sony Xperia XZs

Yes, we didn’t make a mistake when we wrote SLOW MOTION as it’s the first in any mobile phone and even gives professional videos a run for their money.

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

The videos shot are in 960FPS and what comes out are truly wonderful and worth a Dekho. 

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

Everything comes with a slight glitch as nothing is perfect, and here too though it’s not about the hats the final result how that result is achieved as to perform that perfect shot Hand Eye coordination has to be sleek and slick otherwise the results may vary.Review: Sony Xperia XZs

But all said and done whatever is available no phone has ever achieved in terms Slow Motion, in fact not even professionals have had access to such Technology so it’s definitely worth it.

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

Now, it’s not only Slow motion that’s it? Has phone has got everything else to make make it a complete package be it;


Rear camera of 19 megapixel and a Front camera of 13 megapixels have all the qualities you expect in a high-end product. The SONY G-LENS always makes a difference. 

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

In the FOCAL LENGTH, SENSOR SIZE and PIXEL SIZE criteria it is very good.


Review: Sony Xperia XZs

It got sturdy looks and fits in the grip and though not drop dead gorgeous but then what are Mobile covers for.

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

The screen size of 5.2-inch FHD is a high luminous display and maintains  Sony brand standards.

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

The only downer is why not 6-inch screen when you are giving a first time in market technology that to which is released to video shoots then why this big bummer.

FINGER PRINT Button is on the side along with the power button, and seriously Sony could have made it a little more comfortable. Review: Sony Xperia XZs

QUADCORE SNAPDRAGON 820 – Would have been great if it was a mid-range product but for a 50 thousand phone Exynos or Kirin was expected. 

4GB RAM with internal storage of 64 GB which is expandable to 256 GB via a hybrid sim slot is ok acceptable.

WATER and DUST resistant is Sony’s forte.

Review: Sony Xperia XZs

ANDROID 7.0 out of the box has to be there in any phone period, the price shouldn’t be the issue.

BATTERY Biggest disappointment when you are making a phone which stands alone on making videos like never before and the thing which should be last in terms of worrying is the least taken care of. Why did SONY do such a thing well either the SLOW MOTION research and it’s  implementation took so much juice out of them they didn’t have any left to distribute in other aspects to keep the price point in check. But then it’s a lame excuse if there is any because the biggest concern for a mobile user is Battery, where least revolution is taking place where maybe it’s being done that way or its not in their hands and work is still on.


Yes definitely if you have the bucks and want to experience slow motion aka movie style.

Had the battery been bigger and the screen larger this phone would have not only a revolutionary product but also big bucks worth.Review: Sony Xperia XZs

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.