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Review: Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3
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Review: Samsung Gear S3

Review: Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung Gear S3:

Smartwatches are like MSG movies they don’t sell but are publicized like hell.

Why Smart watches not visible on even a few wrists? It’s not their capability, it’s more to do with customers priorities.

Let’s look at the specs before dissecting the realities of Smart Watches and where they stand in terms of benefits in day to day life of an individual.

Samsung has to be commended for being so committed towards its watch brand even if the sales portray an altogether different picture. Every year they keep on pumping money to improve its wearables like no one does and to give them credit they don’t disappoint one bit.

Samsung Gear S3 improves on it’s predecessor Gear S2, doesn’t mean their elder baby was any way inferior to the then competition, as a matter of fact, it was the best in the business and still is if economics are taken into consideration.

Gear S3 Specifications:

Comes as Frontier and Classic

Review: Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch


Here is where there has the drastic change in form of Rotating Rotating Basel which makes you perform a host of activities like pick up calls and snooze alarms without touching the main screen of  Tick Tock makes you feel wanting it more.Review: Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Switching through apps, access various setting and change watch face is as smooth as it gets on this Tizen-based.


Dual core 1GHz Exynos 7270 chip.

RAM – 768 MB (For a watch it is more than enough)

Review: Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch


The 1.3 inch Super Amoled the Gorilla Glass SRT protection is a treat to the eyes, IPS 68 Dust and Water resistant makes it robust in addition.

Review: Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Welcome addition – In sync with both Android and IOS.

Bigtime Bummer –  Price Tag – 29000 Rs approx

After its first edition, the makers at Samsung seems to have lost the plot as for a watch to succeed you ought to make it an independent source.

Review: Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Reality Bites:

Why Smart watches despite being a technology marvel have not been able to achieve what they were set to in terms of customers thumbs up across all spheres. Well, there have been many theories but one which we at GD feel is the Base on which stand its failure and we would like to share with our readers, we are not saying that’s the main reason but it’s one of the main reasons that’s for sure and here it goes;

According to worldwide surveys, a mobile user on an average looks at his phone 85 times. That’s only looking, how much chatting and surfing time it translates into is anyone’s guess, on top of it the majority of the companies are utilizing these Chat sites like WhatsApp etc for their day to day purposes. So, basically, this makes the requirement of a 1.3-inch screen almost redundant no matter how much qualities they have in them.

GD will go one step ahead in declaring that even regular watches sales are not in good condition such has been the humans mobile fixation, and things will only get worse for the Timekeepers.

Solution If Any?

Watches should be purely used as a stand alone device for calling and fitness apps if that’s on your mind then it is a really useful device for your day to day activities.

Review: Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Unless you are James Bond or wannabe 007 talking through your wrist needs stamina strength and endurance with reality to your arms.


Sometimes you get it almost all right but still don’t get the acceptance and have the might, that’s what the state of the smart watches, Right?

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