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Review: Samsung C7 Pro

Shawn Kalon
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Review: Samsung C7 Pro


Review: Samsung C7 Pro

You can’t keep a champion down for long be it in any sphere of life and that’s what SOUTH KOREAN Giants are proving once again.

Last few years have seen a tsunami of companies popping up with man’s best friend (unfortunately a Mobile) unknown becoming phenomenon majority into oblivion.

Review: Samsung C7 Pro

But known tried and tested Brand with its easy to get, good and readily available after service is what makes them stand -tall.

What’s C7 PRO has in store and does it have in it to make a dent in the already clustered and growing mid range market that is.


Review: Samsung C7 Pro

All Metal body with looks which just high end despite being mid range should be a craze?


Review: Samsung C7 Pro

5.7 Full HD Screen with Super AMOLED

and Gorilla Glass on top of it makes its sharp clear strong and sleek.

Note – We at GD always stress on our belief that any body, All metal or plastic or mix in and 95 percent of people go for covers to make it simply safe because in end a best friend has a shelf life of maximum 2 years and then replaced so resale on a scratch less is always welcomed. 


Review: Samsung C7 Pro

16 Megapixel with dual LED Flash covers everything including low light requirements. 

Review: Samsung C7 Pro


16 Megapixel is up to the mark and gives beautiful selfies ok depending on how beautiful the source is.

Review: Samsung C7 Pro

RAM – 4GB is quite a welcome addition and much more than many high-end flagships provide.

PROCESSOR – 2.4GHZ Octa Core Processor Snapdragon is ok not your best and frankly could have been better but still good and durable for the hard core.

BATTERY:Review: Samsung C7 Pro

3300 MAH is not catastrophic but with quick charge makes it a day lasting and fast charging.

DUAL SIM –  With Hybrid SIM and 64 GB internal memory expandable to 256 makes you go wow as some phones we reviewed of late didn’t even have the expandable trait.

SHOULD YOU BUY IT?Review: Samsung C7 Pro

Ok, the specs except that should have been not ANDROID 6.0 the Marshmallow also pricing of almost Rs. 28,000 could have been checked a little bit more because in reality companies and customers have to understand there is minimal difference in phones except if camera is what the makers are focusing on, so all depends on the budget and preferences but yes a tried and tested Brand with after service availabilities and SAMSUNG will always be your SUNG-E-SAATHI.

Shawn Kalon
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