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Review: OPPO F3

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Review: OPPO F3

Oppo: Let’s gets straight to the point, does it justify it’s publicity and satisfies addicts of selfies. 


Two to Tango has been taken to a new level in terms of clicks, as both do their bit to make the selfie experience truly slick.

16 Megapixel for your regular selfies which concern you and your charming face? And enhances it further with detailed precision and added sharpness.Review: OPPO F3

Megapixel is for your group selfies.

Review: OPPO F3

In fact, it’s a separate home for Panorama mode and gives a wide angle view of 160 degrees thus all the peeps and buddies of yours are fitted in. 

Review: OPPO F3


Review: OPPO F3

It’s refreshing that the makers don’t give the other camera a stepped treatment, It fully complements the front dual and got what it takes to produce photos which are clear and sharp. Though low lighting makes it struggle as the LED flash could have been better bought, then it’s not bad either. 

MUSIC LOVERS:  Get an enhanced listening with DIRAC MUSIC OPTIMIZATION which they make this selfie expert a musical ride too. 


From 5.5 inch DISPLAY, 1080p of lively videos, Octa-Core PROCESSOR (could have been little more strong), 4GB RAM, 64GB storage expandable with micro SD card, Fingerprint sensor that can do a variety of additions like Locking apps and File folders, call recorder, gesture recognize and all other instructions for the buyer with regard to phone guidance, LED notification (should have included Whatsapp as its where most if the lives), O cloud backing which helps your contacts and messages be secure and safe.

DRAWBACKS:  Not a drawback but if you are a hardcore gamer then it may be a setback as it is not your friend in arms to smoothly go on a voyage of heavy duty gamistaan also the  3200 MAH BATTERY though not bad at all may not be enough to survive the ordeal.

Some may crib why the company gave FM radio a miss when it’s still a favorite for the majority of us. 


Review: OPPO F3

YES, this 7.3mm slim and 153 grams of weight should be the 1st Choice of phone in the selfie department in the price range of Rs 19000 it’s competing because it’s got the clicks that matter, in addition, gives you better musical experience and also covers the the remaining specifications with quality and quantity which is pleasing both  experience and feel.

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