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Review: Moto g5 PLUS

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Review: Moto g5 PLUS
Review: Moto g5 PLUS

Moto+Lenovo = Moto g5 PLUS, What more can any buyer ask for and that’s how it’s being projected.

IS IT DIFFERENT? Does it justify and live up to the tag and the expectations of the millions let’s check it out what’s in store and what different the two tried, tested and proven with times have brought to the fore?

LOOKS Bones of metal with aluminum shield, neat and clean is what it feels.Review: Moto g5 PLUS

DISPLAY  Full HD display is the norm and what makes it standout in this category is the Water repellent quality which makes it a steal.Review: Moto g5 PLUS

But nothing is perfect in this world and 5.2-inch screen size justifies that point because in this day and age 5.5 is the minimum craze. But then counter argument will be the average size of Indian hands is like not more than a new born baby so it completely fits the bill if you are undernourished.


Android 7.0 out of the box.

Moto app makes the gesture technique a wonderful experience be it the CAMERA, FLASHLIGHT or NOTIFICATIONS everything going is covered thus giving you more than what you expected.

CLICKSReview: Moto g5 PLUS

Rear – 12 MP camera has the ability to give good ones even in low light and that’s almost a relief.Review: Moto g5 PLUS

Front – The 5MP camera has a wide-angle lens which makes selfies and group selfies look decent and doesn’t make your face too bloated and thus avoids that monkey look.

Moto g5

BATTERY 3000 mah is what it should be, if the screen is not that big, and 5.5 and above should always have 4000 mah or more as its staple diet the makers better take notice.

POWER SPACE – Octa-core processor 32 GB internal storage expandable to 128 GB  along with 3GB and 4GB RAM space makes it resilient.


Receptive Fingerprint sensor at the front, WiFi, Bluetooth, Dual SIM, OTG, FM, 4G, and 3G synced and yes it’s got hidden LED for notification (but why hidden? what is the motive to make the buyer work on something? Maybe the makers also want us to contribute and make it feel like our own).Review: Moto g5 PLUS

POCKET BURNERRs. 16999 for 4GB is what we at GD recommend. 


Moto and its master Lenovo though have improved from their previous endeavors but a lot has happened for good of late at least in the camera department at the price point it’s fighting the share for. On top of it, the 5.2-inch screen size is though sharp and crisp but misses the cutting edge when size is concerned because as every drop fills an ocean, every inch adds to the majestic experience.

Eye specialists also advise bigger the phone screen healthier the eyes.

So buy Moto g5 PLUS, if VIVO, GIONEE etc. have barred you by following trumps footsteps.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.