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Review: Micromax Dual 5

Micromax Dual
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Shawn Kalon

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Shawn Kalon
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Review: Micromax Dual 5Review: Micromax Dual 5

MICROMAX has been lying low for a while, not much but just a while, but now it seems resurrection path though will be a little too harsh a word, it’s just a reinventing phase to get back to its glorious past, where it was just a year back or maybe more.

Has it achieved what it set as its goals, time will tell, but what sure is it’s not going to be that tough as it’s done before, but on the flip side, now the competition is altogether more, but then as the saying goes “The Going gets tough, the tough get tougher” .


Right from the 5.5inch full HD display to the full metal body form (One thing which everyone doesn’t actually utilize but still expect it to be of their choice is looks of a phone especially from the back, and that’s when mobile covers of different shapes, sizes, and designs do the trick).

Octa core 652 Snapdragon processor, 4GB RAM, Memory expandable to 128 GB, Accepts both Micro and Nano-sim sim if that’s welcome news for you.


Review: Micromax Dual 5

The company swears by its High-Grade Security Volt also 30% power consumption, Faster speed, and high Peak all through the day on top of it 8 times higher data transfer rates.


Review: Micromax Dual 5

So much being stressed upon this selfies ( frankly companies give what the consumer wants or greedy for, whether they give it the standards or all depends upon the price you are willing to pay.)Review: Micromax Dual 5

Both the REAR and FRONT clicks are 13 megapixels, but unlike the recent dual front sides from various other companies, here it’s REAR which gets the front or first preference and doesn’t disappoint keeping in mind the price range of Rs. 25000.Review: Micromax Dual 5

What MICROMAX is stressing upon is their Dual Tone flash on the Rear and soft flash on the Front which makes the pictures more than what are were or will be, really? Let it be.Review: Micromax Dual 5

Should you buy it?

The makers say It’s extraordinary. Well, it’s not less than any if not many, But- With so much to choose from, and having options of a price tag which may be far less, have they got their economics right or wrong is a dual question. Let’s wait and watch?

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.