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Review: Lenovo P2

Lenovo P2
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Lenovo P2 a42

Review: Lenovo P2

Also known as Lenovo P2 a42 and Lenovo Vibe 2

The biggest and most common wish for a mobile user is ‘BATTERY’ which lasts for one full day no matter how much load comes its way. LOAD is around which everything revolves because except necessary to relieve Nature’s call through Bathroom almost everything else is done on the mobile in today’s times.

So, are the companies really working on the biggest culprit according to the customers? To be frank we feel YES though the majority may feel otherwise, but still, if everything is put in perspective, things have shown some improvement if not by leaps and bounds but it’s a work in progress and things will only improve hopefully is the key.

When it comes to hardware etc. hardly any other company can match with Lenovo, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when they are the front-runners in providing heavy duty juice, and they don’t disappoint one but as they seldom do.

LENOVO P2 a42 is a beast of a device, if it comes to the battery but surprisingly as sleek as they can be.Review: Lenovo P2

Robust Specifications:

Battery 5100 mah is what makes this monster a standout. What’s heartening is the pressure of Browsing heavy duty websites, Watching long videos, Hard-core gaming, is a cake walk if one full day is what you are looking for.

Supporting cast in terms of specs:


5.5 full HD is quite sharp


Sleek metal frame though not so stylish but having a good grip and with the 8.33mm thick is commendable. Having a button to switch to Extreme power saving mode is a welcome addition. OTG adapter facility exists.

Review: Lenovo P2


Snapdragon 625 Octacore has become a normal of sorts in midrange segment, not a powerhouse, though.

3GB (32 GB Rom)

4GB (64 GB ROM) in addition to the expandable memory of 256 GB gives it space and boast.

Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 upgradable to Android nougat soon.


13MP Rear camera, 5MP Front camera both give you satisfactory clicks and selfies.

Review: Lenovo P2


17000 K approx we feel is just about right.


If you are looking for a phone that has a great battery with decent specs and covers and satisfies on just about all aspects than this can be a great choice.

Shawn Kalon
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