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Review: Lava Z25

Shawn Kalon
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Review: Lava Z25 Review: Lava Z25

It’s Lava company’s ticket to stardom in the premium phone category, is what they are aspiring for, will they achieve, only time will reveal. What’s to be kept in the mind is that in this ‘make in India’ endeavor, things may become cheaper but if you expect that high end will be Apple or Samsung in your hand types than let them give time.


Review: Lava Z25It’s in an iron-man suit for the first time as has an All Metal frame but doesn’t have anything much than what is dished out by its High-end competitors, in fact, all the phones are striking similar as if twists lost in Kumbh Mela.


Finger Print Scanner 

Review: Lava Z25

Has become a norm but placing it just beneath the rear camera is following a trend which is absolutely wrong, as provides a painful experience and also can damage the click area as it’s the least protected if everything is taken into account.

RAM – 4GB, octa core processor is fine and takes care of everything which is dished out. 32 GB out of the box and Expandable memory of 128 GB is welcomed.

Battery Now this is one of the two main sources of concern as when your aim is to make it big then don’t go for big but Humongous and that’s where the 3020 mah lacks juice. It’s not that it is not good but then when you have 4000 mah available why not start your flagship with it and don’t give the customers a concern when making comparisons.


Rear Clicks – 13 megapixels is loaded with 

Review: Lava Z25

wide aperture and night mode along with Bokeh effect (which helps concentrate on the particular part in snap) makes the camera do full justice to what to expect from a flagship.Review: Lava Z25

Front camera – 8-megapixel selfie camera with spotlight flash is what is in store thus giving you satisfactory effect.

Review: Lava Z25

Android 6.0 along with Star OS which doesn’t cluster is a pleasant surprise, Dual SIM phone, WiFi, Bluetooth has all these common yet important facilities.

DISPLAY puts you in DISMAY

Review: Lava Z25

5.5 inch HD display could have acceptable few years back but not at all in this age especially when you are trying to make a mark in the big daddy segment and FULL HD quality is what actually is the starting benchmark and make or break point of the devices thus making this Flagship into Pits?


If the screen resolution is considered then don’t even touch it but If nothing extraordinary is what you want but good is what company dished then buy it, but sat at almost rupees 17000 then better competition does exists. 

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