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Rangoon Preview

Shawn Kalon
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Rangoon Preview

Director – Vishal BhardwajRangoon Preview

He is like one of that rare breed with whose name the movie gets recognition then follows the stars in it, also on him Maverick word fits the bill completely without sounding gimmicky. Okay, box office is never has been his shining glory, yet some will argue otherwise but in the end, commercial success is the most important thing, period! and he is still trying balancing both C’s content and commercial. Will his latest be the one?

Producer –  Sajid Nadiadwala Rangoon Preview

The importance of commercial success, none knows better than this man, because until you have the overflowing resources from standard commercial blockbusters, RANGOON type subjects will be never tried, because commercial viability is still dicey when it comes to such cinema.


Rangoon Preview

The cast of Saif, Shahid, Kangana is full of class when it comes to performances but on the flip side, their box office credibility is as questionable as Mr. Donald’s performance. All said and done in the end cinema is director’s medium and one thing which is assured is acting department should be good, to say the least, because that’s where Vishal movies take out the best from his performers and Shahid and Saif will definitely agree.

Budget – 75 crore approx

Screen count – 3000 approx

It’s not the screens but the release date which puts a big question mark. Why do smart intelligent makers make such decisions? Will only be known once we ourselves especially experience, maybe they know better.

Trailer impact

It’s been mixed. Makes the GD team remember MATRU KE BIJLEE KA MANDOLA (2013) whose was also riding the same boat, but after the release, the movie truly scored in most departments. So let the show begin.

Competition from other Movies

Suddenly last few weeks is seeing a spate of same day releases and nothing as changed this week as  Bollywood and Hollywood are unleashing a cluster.

Hollywood is in its Oscar mode so wants to cover every zone but Bollywood trading punches on the same date, already the time is not when the public is in that zone as exams are on the head and movies take a backseat so it’s a big drawback.

What’s good though is men of Indian origin are in limelight once again and creating their own legacy at the grandest stage of them all, ‘World Cinema’.


Rangoon Preview

A great talent may loose his form but he somewhere strikes back, at the right place at the right time with the right project and everything just clicks. Manoj Night Shyamalan.Rangoon PreviewHe sees Dawn once again with this shocker. The movie already emerged as a blockbuster in USA/Canada making $200 million USD so far against the budget of $9 million and performance of James McAvoy is icing on the cake.


Rangoon Preview

A must watch by first-time director Garth Davis, has an Indian connection. Strong Oscar contender especially for best supporting actor after his Bafta triumph yes Mr. Dev Patel is flying high and Nicole Kidman too shines.

Wedding AnniversaryRangoon Preview

The leads can really lead people towards the theaters.

Mona Darling

Rangoon Preview

Yes, it’s a movie and is being touted as a thriller. Hopefully if is half as good as Mona Darling jokes otherwise the Tagline will be apt for the audience.


Rangoon Preview

Based on former American presidents JFK’S controversial, charismatic wife Jackie Kennedy. Natalie Portman shines and portrays the role of the magnetic First lady with elan.


Rangoon Preview

Russians are suddenly bombarding the Indian market with substandard stuff but then they must be confident that what our society is used to lapping it up.

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