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Rangoon flops, Jolly LLB 2 is still moving ahead

Rangoon flops

Rangoon flops, Jolly LLB 2 is still moving ahead

Rangoon, the big budget last week release fails miserably at the box office and earned only 21.47 crores in first seven days and never picked up throughout the week. The problem with the movie was that the promos failed to excite the viewers from the beginning and heavy budget added the woes for it big time. This kind of films need a controlled budget but again the vision of Vishal Bhardwaj was never restricted and he was not ready to compromise but the film paid the price in the end despite being a good product. The movie needed savvy and smart marketing but it was not the case and now it’s all over. It is now one of the biggest disasters of all time and the lifetime collections will be lower than 30 crores. It is better in overseas with over $2 million USD business in week one.

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Jolly LLB 2 added another 8.52 crores in its third week, the total stands at 112.97 crores and it is still going strong in the fourth week, it will add another 5-6 crore in its final total which is very good. The Ghazi attack has made 15.05 crores (Hindi Version) in two weeks while its total collections in all versions (Tamil, Telegu, and Hindi) are 38 crores. The most striking thing of 2017 is, Dangal still continues its run in the 10th week and the total collections are now around 388 crores which mind boggling.

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