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Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results

Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results
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Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results


Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results

Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results – NCR PUNJAB ROYALS won an edge of the seat thrilling finale against HARYANA HAMMERS to lift the season 2 title. Fittingly the league went to the decider, thus drawing curtains to a great tournament where the best of the best showcased their class also justifying the momentum created by the movie based on the same sport. What was heartening to see was the last two matches which were do or die for the finalists both involved INDIAN grapplers.

JITENDRA Pro Wrestling League 2017 ResultsThy name was responsible for LEGENDRY DHARMENDRA experience success after a long time. Those who are thinking how is that possible, well one of NCR Co-owner is our own DHARAMJI and their on screen Jodi is well known.

Jitendra was in his elements from the word go, totally dominated SUMIT SHERAWAT, the 10-1 score shows so.

NCR PUNJAB had to win the last two matches and pressure was on 33-year-old NIRMALA DEVI who had lost in league phase to INDU CHOWDHARY, will she reverse the result in the match that mattered the most? Yes, she did and that too with style by totally dominating the match and fight 5-2 to level the finals.


ODUNAYO ADENKUNDROYE(NCR) was unstoppable till the finals, even getting better of SOFIA MATTSON(HH) in the league phase, thus reversing the result in the all-important RIO OLYMPICS. But when it mattered most, SOFIA softened her in-form opponent once again in a pulsating match.Pro Wrestling League 2017

Who is ODUNOYO: She is the one who gave goosebumps to GEETA in 2010 semifinals and lately on a silver screen.


1st Match

Addusalam Gadisov (HH) beat Krishna Kumar (NCR) 15-0 in 96 kg category

2nd Match

Mawra Amri (HH) beat Manju kumari( NCR) 12-0 in 58 kg category

3rd Match

NCR PUNJAB Captain Vladimir Kninchebashivli beat Sandip Tomar (HH) 3-0 in 57 kg category

4th Match

World champion in 70 kg category  Magomed Kurbanaliev (HH) beat Pankaj Rana 9-4

5th Match

Vasilisa Marzaluik (NCR) beat Kiran (HH) 9-4

6th Match

Ilias Bekbukatov (NCR) beat Rajneesh (HH) 13-0


7th Match

Sofia Mattsson(HH) beat Odunayo Adenkundroye (NCR) 4-3 in 53 kg category.

8th Match

Nirmala Devi (NCR) beat Indu choudhary (HH) 5-2 in 48 kg

With score TIED at 4 each


Jitendra (NCR) beat Sumit sherawat(HH) 10-1



Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results

PUNJAB got better of  Defending champions MUMBAI

Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results



PLAYER OF THE TIE: NIRMALA DEVIPro Wrestling League 2017 Results

Indian QUEEN’S loose their SHEEN?

RIO OLYMPICS bronze medalist SAKSHI MALIKPro Wrestling League 2017 Results suddenly withdrew at the last moment from her bout in the all crucial league phase against MAWRA from TUNISIA whom she shared the bronze medal dias, the reason being the common I AM NOT FIT.

Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results

They were really in limelight and toast of the nation most importantly due to their real life story’s movie presentation but the brutal reality is they have achieved nothing substantial since 2010 except injuries and at loggerheads with the hierarchy. Lots were expected but nothing changed, in fact, BABITA was embarrassingly steamrolled in 46 seconds by SOFIA MATTSON and then the same story both GEETA and BABITA withdrawing from the tournament due to secret injuries. Sad to see and it happens many times maybe it’s Indian mentality once achieved something, not burnout or never being content is a rarity. But let’s give them another mauka where they hopefully can hit chauka.

Younger sibling RITU did put a promising show but in end, it was not good enough.Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results

Many were of the view BIOPICS should be made after the concerned person with that particular career has down and dusted retired, valid point because biopics are what was achieved and not what is in current form but again Mr. PHOGAT deserved his story to be told on screen.

But DANGAL has to be celebrated for being a lesson to all that no matter how adverse be the conditions and situations JUST CHASE YOUR DREAMS and maybe you will succeed but at least give a try doesn’t matter if you are man, women of any cast or creed just don’t take a back seat, hopefully humanity took that seekh(lesson).

In the end thanks to a classic movie DANGAL which is experiencing MANGAL both on screen and off.

BABA BABA is not a Blacksheep anymore!

Pro Wrestling League 2017 Results

In a fun, free challenge beat his opponent thus giving all a lesson that YOG is the ultimate to get rid of all ROUGE’S.

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