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Preview: New Releases April 21st, 2017

New Releases April
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Preview: New Releases April 21st, 2017

BEWILDERING – It’s become a trend, just like in BIG DADDY, to have a cluster of releases on the same day, but unlike Hollywood, of all maybe except one that too is mostly none come and vanish. What’s the motive behind this, or it is like some movies and most in Indian scenario are just made to be hitting the theaters and it doesn’t matter weather halls are empty, the release was the sole purpose it seems or adjusting Black Money?

DUTYBOUND – We at GD assure our readers, that by early next year, will be reviewing each and every movie as and when they hit the market because it’s our duty, doesn’t matter if the product is crap or we go crazy as readers interest is paramount.

Preferences – We at GD are looking into various aspects which can make our movie sections more user-friendly by engaging with the one who matters us the most that are, YOU. For example – you the public can ask us which movie you want us to review or what movie collections you want to know because so much fabrication is going on that reality has become as mythical as ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan‘.


This week, there are hold your breath ‘Four’ new ones coming to your nearby Malls, single screens and most importantly torrents etc etc etc. It’s no hidden secret unless someone is in a bad mood and wants to have a party but a big majority of you will definitely go to the mall but ticket counter will be the last thing on your mind, period! And the reason being none of the Bollywood stuff has created any ripples.



Directed by – Sunhil Sippy 

Based on Saba Imtiaz’s ‘Karachi You Are Killing Me’. Hope the word Karachi doesn’t bring Desh bhakti to the fore, or maybe the makers wanted it, at least some publicity would have helped? Maybe fringe elements are smart enough to know where lies their interest at best.

MAATRPreview: New Releases April 21st, 2017

Directed by- Ashtar Sayed

The makers have been smart enough to create a controversy regarding it getting into censor troubles etc. Whether it’s in cohesion with them or not, but at least something is better than nothing, as small films need some spark to start the engine.

SONATA – (English)



Directed by – Aparna Sen

Want to watch a stellar cast, doing full justice to their art then this should be watchable.


Preview: New Releases April 21st, 2017

Directed by – Gul Bahar Singh 

Based on the life of an iconic Blue Blood and BJP thespian.

Ok, it’s revealed why Hemaji was missing in action from her constituency, not because she didn’t want to serve?


Preview: New Releases April 21st, 2017

Directed By – Kelly Asbury

They are one of the most loved characters cutting across all boundaries, and if done full justice, can be your perfect family movie. But like in life full justice is a rarity in movies too?


Preview: New Releases April 21st, 2017


Directed By  Niki Caro

Based on a bestselling novel, and having Jessica Chastain should be enough to entice audiences to the hall. But then the only about Jessica some minimal public of India knows is ‘Who killed Jessica’. When someone by the name Lawrence doesn’t stand a chance forget Chastain. 


Preview: New Releases April 21st, 2017

Directed by Denise Di Novi

Can an erotica thriller be the reason enough for you to watch when it’s on everyone’s fingertips these days? Well if it’s got the right combination of chills, thrills and titillating spills aka ‘Basic instinct’, the godfather when it comes to classy eroticisms and gave many orgasms – truly unforgettable. But then ‘Censor hai Jahan, sirf mobile chodd, hall mein ye sab Kahan?

Teasing – There is sunny Leone hiding in one of the Hindi releases. Maybe it helps the movie to get one hardcore audiences.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.