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Preview: As Usual Salman Khan is all set with his new film Race 3 this Eid.

Preview: As Usual Salman Khan is all set with his new film Race 3 this Eid.
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Preview: As Usual Salman Khan is all set with his new film Race 3 this Eid.

Race 3 Preview: This Eid week sees a successful franchise Race is coming back loaded with a superstar Salman Khan who has the might, even if he mostly on the wrong side but still box office is his yard. It is captained by Remo who we sincerely want to do some Rahem (daya) on the audience and makes it a well-made affair.


DIRECTED BY – Remo D’ Souza
CV – Flying Jatt (2016) is his last torture, oops venture. He though has hits in ABCD and ABCD2 but in reality, he has to polish his art a lot for coming close to perfecting ABCD of filmmaking.
TRAILER – It is looking jaded, stagnant and it seems is a step back from its outing and that’s not good news at all because part 1 and 2 are were no benchmarks or Jhakaas.
BUZZ FIZZ – It’s got the lowest buzz for a long time if solely going by the lead hero and the powerhouse he is, in terms of pre-excitement.
But then we may get a surprise as the public may rise and get this urge and to be part of this Race which hopefully has some entertaining pace? And shatter all brains oops we meant this year’s biggest opening records.
Writing – What is the requirement when the lead, ‘Sab Sambhal Lega’.
BUDGET – 100 plus Crore approx. Add 20 to 40 as they do not reveal reality.
SCREEN COUNT – 4200 the biggest in Bollywood history. Ok, who said it’s a mass torture spreading all over?

Critics Take – If in one case it doesn’t really matter, if in terms of the opening is in this case again solely depending on the male leads charisma than his products.
Starring – YeS you guessed it right The one and only, and yes we don’t want anyone like him no we are not degrading his career choices or that he is an average performer nor his personal life accomplishments, it’s plain simple Ek SALMAN KHAN Is enough to handle in this lifetime.
Anil Kapoor, who is aging gracefully also choosing smartly, ok roles may not be watersheds nowadays but at least he is keeping himself in sync with times unlike his past contemporaries if any left.
Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah etc. make for the oh not so happening and may never make it happen star cast.
Salman Khan movies seem to be like more of a Baraat where all the down and dusted friends he invites to have their few minutes of glory whom otherwise no one feels sorry.
We sincerely hope a miracle happens and the movie becomes watchable and when you leave the hall, DISPRIN is not for your mind. Let’s pray together.
Note – some must be missing Saif Ali Khan so much? But then Gadhon ko Baap banana is today’s trend and Classy Khan doesn’t fit that bill at all. Who does? Didn’t we say this sequel has no dearth of them?

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