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Preview: Tubelight

Shawn Kalon
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Preview: Tubelight

With Tubelight some questions arise in my mind;


Who is the real BAHUBALI?

Is it The one Man ARMY?

Is it The combination of many factors and Pan India product.

or is it Sabka BHAI?  

This Friday is not going to be any ordinary, not because it’s a SALMAN KHAN release but because it’s a release which if trailer has to go by having the least Khan antics be it;






Helping his friends and family (this time its Sohail) at expense of quality and subsequently audience.

and last but not least


OK, majority love all that and SALMAN is the torch bearer of all that keeping in mind his hardcore Janta which has a diverse fandom be it a Zinta or mazdoor who earns so much in day to keep himself Zinda, doesn’t mean they all are senseless and substandard? which SALMAN movies used to epitome until he got a ray of hope in the form of Kabir Khan

Preview: Tubelight

and his BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN which was sensible, Sanjeeda and succeeded most and all thanks to one BANDA who maybe was able to switch on his Mindless tube into something which was more cinematically light and also turned out to be his biggest box-office might.

So lots more are expected and it may be a coincidence that the Indo-China subject is best suited for today’s times all thanks to a movie which is simple and genuine.

Preview: Tubelight


Preview: Tubelight

But what’s truly going to test SALMAN- KABIR  Jugalbandi is one and only BAHUBALI and the benchmark it has achieved & how?

It was almost unthinkable for anyone but AAMIR to touch 500 crores in North collections that too in a couple of years not that it couldn’t happen before but for that Mr. slow but sure shot solid needed to act faster than our current government but then it may not be of that standard which we expect.

What has also broken the myth to the idea that big budgets need only Humongous star power, in fact, the insane money which is dished on these over-hyped can be utilized in a better way?

Can’t Complain:

KABIR KHAN and his team never disappoint both in content and collection and this time it’s no different as it’s high in anticipation.

Preview: Tubelight

Remake of a highly successful especially in terms of emotional point of view, so script is already solid

Preview: Tubelight

4000+ screen count.

Full 10 days of summer holidays at their service so it is just not only about EID.

SRK and SALMAN in the same frame were never expected unless it was all framed?

350 crores should be the minimum only from North and in total 400 overall it should achieve.

How it does internationally will depend on how much dents in China market as having a Chinese connection should help only if it’s shown in a positive way and takes Hindi CHINI BHAI BHAI not they way it was used in reality and caused many a casualty. 

Preview: Tubelight

FINALLY-  If emotional connect in the movie clicks, the sky is the limit. Blockbusters always have one thing in common the tear jerker are the highlight around which all money spinning moments are interwoven. 

Legends are immortal – It may be the last time but with his body of work he is forever in our mind THE ONE AND ONLY MR OM PURI in his last movie.

Preview: Tubelight

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