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Preview: A Super Golmaal Diwali, Secret Superstar Vs Golmaal Again.

Preview: A Super Golmaal Diwali, Secret Superstar Vs Golmaal Again.
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Shawn Kalon

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Preview: A Super Golmaal Diwali, Secret Superstar Vs Golmaal Again.

This Diwali week two films are locking horns with each other, Ajay Devgn’s big budget franchise flick Golmaal Again and Megastar Aamir Khan’s sensitive small budget film Secret Superstar, let’s find out what we can expect from them.

Secret Superstar:
Directed by Advait Chandan. Some may wonder who is he well he has been an integral part of Aamir Khan productions for more than a decade. He was the production manager in Aamir Khan’s first directorial venture TAARE ZAMEEN PAR which we all knowo don’t we. Later on he assisted for DHOBI GHAT to Kiran Rao in her first directorial project in 2010. In addition he had been the assistant director in the Farhan Akhtar produced 2007 release Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd.

So if his CV is any indication he has harnessed his skills under one of the best production houses and when your self written product SECRET SUPERSTAR gets the green light from THE EMPEROR himself there has to be some spark in it.
Cast is strong as steel when it comes to portraying their characters to the fullest be it the lead ZAIRA WASIM who has shown the talent in DANGAL but people have to realize she is only 15 and has a long way to go but till date what she has showcased it’s exemplary though here it has to be noted that she has been under the wings of THE EMPEROR, it’s when she is gets to act with The Kings, Khiladis, Bhaijaans, Kapoors, Roshans and the Singh’s will truly give the indication of how much she can spread her wings till then let the sun shine bright.
The supporting cast of RAJ ARJUN who was last seen in RAEES (2017) and also impressed in ROWDY RATHOD (2012) and KAALO (2010) and whatever the trailer has revealed he looks menacing as the father in what is there to see.
MEHER VIJ it seems is the first choice mom as here too she like BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN (2015) though unlike there here she is the inspiration for the lead to succeed.
TIRTH SHARMA, KABIR SHEIKH,FARRUKH JAFFER are the other capable and able support hopefully.
Music by AMIT TRIVEDI seems to be in sync with the subject and has got a soul which is a rarity as most of the times its Golmaal in lyrics we find these days.

Should you watch SECRET SUPERSTAR?
When it’s from THE EMPEROR’S yard you don’t have to think twice as it’s going to slowly but surely show its might.
Hopefully the DIRECTOR doesn’t get lost in the shoes of someone who is the undisputed number one.

Golmaal Again:
Directed by the box office blaster Rohit Shetty, some may ok many may argue but doesn’t his movies make the distributors happy and exhibitors satisfied even if many may not travel a mile to watch his products but who cares as many will still watch and make his movies earn big bucks. He always delivers for the aam Janta and that important because critics praise give happiness only in papers and that’s the last thing on ROHIT’S mind and he has mentioned it many a times at least he doesn’t fake and is genuine and we respect that.

GOLMAAL series has been one of the few successful Franchises which don’t take ages to strike back and that’s one of the pluses which keeps it fresh in movie goers memory thus remains the temptation in the mind of hardcore golamaalians.
What’s also goes in favor of it, despite the lack of scripts since its always coming up with the characters which remain same mostly in changed scenarios except an addition of few like this time it’s PARENEETI and TABU, get installed in people’s mind so doesn’t make it difficult to make them mine.

Should you watch GOLMAAL AGAIN?
Yes all should watch it and most will watch it as in this day and age of tension and sadness a little smile is hard to come by so if something can make your mood go light even if for a while why shouldn’t it be tried. ok some may sulk and crib and mind you even they may go and watch it SECRETLY.

And wish you all a very happy Diwali.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.