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Preview: Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat finally Hits the Theaters today still with many hassles.

Preview: Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat finally Hits the Theaters today still with many hassles.
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Preview: Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat finally Hits the Theaters today still with many hassles.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s PADMAAVAT or PADMAAVATI, a small ‘I’ may have been removed but it’s much more than that, it’s actually the removal of ‘I’ have no right in reality.
We are not going to name anyone in the government for helping or stalling this week’s new release as we are like as our PM mentions SAWA SAU CRORE Darpok to the T, not that in this day and age hordes of people read articles but still it’s better to take precautions then face decimation. But to be blunt only 30 to 40 people read so still we are not taking panga shows how helpless we are whether it’s them or the MEDIA.

SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI’S magnum Opus comes to this REPUBLIC DAY with vengeance on its mind and 18 crores RAJPUTANA pride (thanks to the movie we came to know how many are out there).

1. We are not going to accuse SANJAY of deliberately jumping into the well when after being slapped he knew what’s he getting into and still going ahead. Controversial super publicity such duplicity was the last thing on his mind and it’s pure bravery right? His last two releases RAMLEELA (almost 40 cases in Gujrat and BAJIRAO MASTANI almost a dozen in Maharashtra) so he is not new on taking people head on but this time maybe his calculations have gone wrong.
BASED on a Sufi poet who was one of the peers to come into limelight along with TULSIDAS, SURDAS, and KABIR historically mentioned as THE BHAKTI MOVEMENT. Yes, that’s what BHANSALI told the parliamentary board whom he was told to visit but now not as it’s turned out to be Loosecannon for many elements in the Sarkar Raj.
2. We are not saying BHANSALI didn’t research and just mentioned it loosely so that it only seems a parrot talk where whatever said is repeated except that in the movie parrot doesn’t exist (that’s what critics are saying), so whose line is it anyway in terms of PRAKASH KAPADIA’S and SANJAY’S screenplay.

CINEMATOGRAPHY by SUDEEP CHATTERJEE should be breath-taking a strength of most Bhansali products, in fact, the backbone of his movies is along with SONG’S presentation and COSTUMES.
3. We are not blaming SANJAY for not making a songless classic, because it’s fiction right and who knows what JAYASI dreamt and visualized. So, when MR. LEELA is not sure himself of whose thought is he bringing on screen myth or reality? why this hue and cry about beloved rani of many dancing on the tunes of SANCHIT BALHARA and the co MUSIC by the director. On hindsight Maybe the rani took dancing lessons from the best gurus as she could afford it and singing and dancing are synonymous with VISHNU the RAJPUT’S worship him (who reincarnated as KRISHNA). So celebrate dancing and singing as GODS LEELA, my brothers and sisters.
CAST of SHAHID, DEEPIKA and RANVEER besides others and what’s the directors one of the big strengths he can bring the best out from a donkey and these are apt in their craft so if performances are to go by, everyone should have no problem with full justice except for some , will be done in true BHANSALI style.
CRITICS take has been surprisingly low with an average of 3/5 from all the 12 who mattered most. Public king hai has most makers will say but a king with no thrones only thorns? Right. Maybe unexpectedly low count is lack of funds but we not blaming anyone as it was a collective screening.

4. Ok many will be arguing why did the government do nothing to control this sure shot success formulae of publicity, well let’s be very clear POLITICS is not for the emotional and rationales it’s a trait where everyone is a PAWN and use and throw is taken to a level where we mortals can’t even imagine and it’s been happening since ages be it the 1984 riots, Gujarat massacre and the unlimited instances of looting where goons are the arsenal to keep public at bay and make them realise politicians are the final authority chosen by the people for not the people no matter what you and me say so we should just shut our mouth and remain DARPOK which we all are and we all no it by heart.
No one is the culprit in the saga where SANJAY LEELA is toast of the country on whose name public property is going roast why? Because in every nook and corner of this world there is a creative BHANSALI who will unexpectedly create a furor and a KARNI SENA to utilize it to the fullest to get in the limelight and on top of it a Government to shamelessly look at their people’s plight the other way.
Finally, jab Tak craziness of religion cast creed is there don’t expect any ITS MY RIGHT to prevail till then JALTI HAI DUNYA, JALAANE WAALA CHAHEYE.
JUST A thought – PM mentioned India is ready for investors? Which India he meant? Where No one even cares for supreme courts diktat as BHAKTS going NUTS, ab to Bano SAKHT or are we are dreaming? Till then only BHANSALI as at fault?.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.