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Preview: Raazi and Hope Aur Hum will release this weekend.

Preview: Raazi and Hope Aur Hum will release this weekend.
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Preview: Raazi and Hope Aur Hum will release this weekend.

This week seems to be great for the audiences with RAAZI, HOPE AUR HUM looking promising and two Punjabi movies KANDE and RADUAA releasing on, the same day, a rare feat which only shows that they are on the right track and confident of what they are showcasing to the audience.


Genre – Chills, spills, and thrills.
Based on the book – “Calling Sehmat”.
Running Time – 2 hours and 18 minutes

DIRECTED BY – Meghna Gulzar.
CV – Talvar (2015) her last baby was both critically and commercially accepted.
She is one of the few lady directors who has survived the sand of times, in fact, the multiplex audience is a boon for such makers as they get what they truly deserve.
For those who don’t know her, she is the daughter of yesteryear’s leading lady RAKHEE and Legendary GULZAR. Now if you don’t know him then God help Indian audience which already has shrunk both in quantity and quality.
Writing talents – Harinder S. Sikka, Meghna Gulzar, Bhavani Iyer.
PRODUCED BY – Dharma Productions. Now their karma has been better when Karan Johar doesn’t direct and same is expected here.
CAST – Alia Bhatt, She is just like a Bazooka as when she explodes her presence and acting takes over thus whatever is in her range and lightens everything in the scene.
After the late great Sridevi, she is the one actress who not only is versatile but also commands an audience. Good actors are there but getting an audience along with it is very rare.
Vicky Kaushal, Jaideep Ahlawat, Amruta Khanvilkar, Soni Razdan (The real-life mom who produced the talent-bomb thy name is Alia), Pallavi Batra along with Shishir Sharma, Arif Zakaria and Rajit Kapoor complete the powerhouses who play important characters.
SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? If solely go by the novel and trailer then Without a doubt as such cinematic experience is rare.
CRITIC’S TAKE – If murmurs are any indication it’s very good.


Genre – Comedy and Drama.
DIRECTED BY- Sudip Bandyopadhyay
CV – His maiden venture.
Writing Talents – Sudip Bandyopadhyay and Neha Pawar.
Hopefully, it’s crisp sharp and witty because most of the time in such movies where there are different strokes every 30 plus minutes, some just lag in impact.
CAST – Naseeruddin Shah, the name which doesn’t need any introduction. One of the pioneers of performance both on screen and stage. A sheer delight who has the might and even to date has been getting the roles which only he can portray the way no one can such are his credentials.
For the young generation just go and watch his old movies and you will realize what we are talking about.
Beena Banerjee, Sonali Kulkarni, Amir Bashir, Tina Sood, Sajid Kabir, Naveen Kasturia complete the characters.
SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? The point is not will anyone, but what’s commendable at least the new makers are trying something different and out of the box, especially when it comes to thoughts but whether the execution is doing justice is where most falter but hopefully this doesn’t.


Genre – Action, Comedy, Drama.
The movie is about a Kabaddi champion and his ups and downs in life.
Writing Talent – Baaz. As the name hope it sails smoothly and entertains fully.
CAST – Preet Bath, Kamal Dirk and Yograj Singh (superstar of Punjabi cinema and father of Yuvraj Singh, the cricketer).
Would like to mention about the Director as It ought to be told as many don’t know of this unsung hero as it’s a fashion if someone even gets a one-second role they shout from the rooftop but here is a pioneer who has seen it all.
CV – If versatility needed a brand ambassador then this man fits the bill.
Made his acting debut in ‘St. Elsewhere’ an award-winning medical drama in mid-eighties on NBC along with the great Denzel Washington.
He is your no ordinary but path breaker if anyone who made it in Hollywood, yes don’t be surprised because he was the first South Asian/Middle Eastern to get a role in a major TV series, subsequently appearing in many shows.
Founder of Wondering Players Theater Company.
Kavi Raz studios and KR films in Hollywood are producing films and short-form series content in Hollywood, Bollywood, and Pollywood.
Sporting accomplishments – Captained the US national hockey team.
Accomplished soccer player. His love for the game made him write and direct “Barefoot Warriors” a film inspired by a true story. Recently Directed and acted in THE BLACK PRINCE (2017).
WILL YOU WATCH IT? Punjabi movies are growing at a fast pace not only in content but also the reach.


Genre – Fasten your seat belts as it’s a Sci-fi movie. Is Bollywood noticing even Pollywood with its limitations is still trying something to go where no Punjabi has ever gone before?
DIRECTED BY- Nav Bajwa. It’s his maiden ship voyage.
Writing Talents – Nav Bajwa.
CAST – Gurpreet Guggi, Satinder Satti, and Nav Bajwa.
WILL YOU WATCH IT? If the trailer is any indication it’s got the audience’s attention what with the hilarious take on time travel.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.