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Preview: Parmanu and Biscopewala to release with Solo: A Star Wars Story, this week at the box office.

Preview: Parmanu and Biscopewala to release with Solo: A Star Wars Story, this week at the box office.
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Preview: Parmanu and Biscopewala to release with Solo: A Star Wars Story, this week at the box office.

Three movies out of which two are Hindi PARMANU and BISCOPEWALA and one international monster franchise SOLO: THE STAR WARS STORY are relasing this week, Let’s find out what to watch.

PARMANU: The Pokhran Story 

Based on  ‘POKHRAN’, now if young turks don’t know then Google hai na, atleast use it besides for porn.
RUNNING TIME – 2 Hours and 9 minutes
If it makes even point one percent of the actual incident impact the makers will be counting big numbers.
CV – The Shaukeens (2014), Tere Bin Laden 1 and 2.
So, if his past is any indication except for somewhat TBL 1st part his direction doesn’t live up to the quality content he has at his disposal.
Will he dilever this time, if trailer is any indication it’s 50:50.
Sanyukta Shaikh Chawla, Saiwyn Quadras and Abhishek Sharma.
The writing and most importantly screenplay has to be top notch in such subjects dealing with incidents of reality and importance because how the makers enthrall the audience and take them on a quality entertainment ride is what cinema is all about.
CAST – JOHN ABRAHAM, The muscles from GOD’S own state Kerala. Though John has to be applauded for trying something both as an actor and producer which are not what people associate him with, but somewhere he seems to have landed in no man’s land if his own releases are concerned.
When did you last see John movie getting a good opening? Ok, off late have you ever discussed his upcoming movies?
The point is never ignore your strengths, yaa new additions are always welcomed but have to keep a balance.
In his case it’s dhoom dhadaka which should be the focal point.
DIANA PENTY – She is your hidden delight and in her last movie she really surprised. HAPPY with her last appearance made the audience bhaag towards nearby halls and can go places if right place at the right time.
BOMAN IRANI – We don’t have to tell his achievements but yes we want to see him more frequent like we see him on adds 24/7.
Rest of the support hopefully is apt and only helps in making it a memorable as the incident.
Off course if it’s good then (because the initial buzz is almost nil), Definately and it better be up to the mark because such historic achievements should be made memorable and refreshed for the current generation. If can’t do justice then be ready for a harsh judgement.
TRAILER IMPACT – Below Average to say the least.


Biscopewala is based on – Rabindranath Tagore’s one of the most famous short stories ‘KABULIWALA’.
RUNNING TIME – 1 hour 41 minutes
Hope atleast more than 141 people watch it.
DIRECTED BY – Deb Medhekar
It’s the person’s debut as director.
SCREENLPLAY, WRITING TEAM – Deb Medhekar, Radhika Anand, and Sunil Doshi.
How they are able to make it relevant is the biggest challenge and that’s what is to look forward too besides the cast.

CAST – DANNY DENZONGPA, hope the name rings a bell as he is one of the living legends who truely has made a mark and done justice to whatever he has chosen though very selective, it’s always a refreshing experience for everyone and we expect the same this time.
Geetanjali Thapa – She is good in everything looks wise, acting and screen presence, thats welcoming. Those who dont know she was there in TRAPPED movie, Ok that’s not even an example as if there was anything lower than minimal, that’s what saw it.
Adil Hussain, Tisca Chopra and Brijendra Kala are the ones who Definately be the best choice and only help for sure.
WILL YOU WATCH IT? If some thinking that was rude, well we are not being rude, reality is harsh and brute. No one will watch we know, which is sad.

TRAILER IMPACT – It seems to be well made and seems to have got all the right ingredients hopefully.


Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
RUNNING TIME – 2 hours 15 minutes
That’s 135 minutes hopefully it earns more than 135 lakhs in India.
CV – If you don’t know about his body of work then half the battle to get the audience in Indian multiplexes is already lost by the makers.
Let’s get straight to the point except in India and some other illiterate zones and we mean in cinematic context so please don’t take it to the heart, it’s the most anticipated movie franchises of all time.
Avengers are today’s babies, this is the real baap and still going and growing bigger than ever was.
Why India fails to accept it, well, in a lighter note maybe most of us can’t even pronounce the character’s names and that’s foremost if want to make them their own. In short ‘DIL KO NAHI LAGTE’ that doesn’t mean most of us are ‘DIMAAG SE PAIDAL’? maybe????
IMDb – 6.3/10, Now that’s surprising because of what it is.
TRAILER IMPACT – Some things are beyond everything as thy name itself will give a humongous opening but not in India.

Parmanu and Biscopewala to release with Solo: A Star Wars Story, Parmanu and Biscopewala to release with Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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