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Preview: October, Rampage, and Mercury hit the theaters today.

Preview: October, Rampage, and Mercury hit the theaters today.
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Preview: October, Rampage, and Mercury hit the theaters today.

RAMPAGE, OCTOBER, and MERCURY all three different genres this week. Will they cause rampage at the box office and raise the mercury in terms of box office collections will be interesting to see.


Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi in cinematic language but on a normal day to day it’s referred to as popcorn cinema.
BUDGET – $120 Million
It’s quite a big budget heavy duty stuff.
RUNNING TIME – 1 hour 47 minutes
Hopefully short and crisp.

DIRECTED BY – Brad Peyton
Age – 39 years
CV – San Andreas (2015) and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012) both with the same hero and both did quite well worldwide. Incarnate (2016) a horror stuff which didn’t bring any shivers.
SCRIPT – If any in such movies but this is about a bond between the hero and a gorilla which goes all wrong how?
CAST- A rare breed who succeeds without any help of superhero mask.
He may not be a great actor but has got the charisma and charm to avoid any of his movies suffering any harm if box office is taken into account like Salman Khan does for Bollywood.
Who are we talking about? Well, you all know, right. DWAYNE DOUGLAS JOHNSON
Age – 45 years
Rock the box office, well chances are pretty good.
WILL YOU WATCH IT? Offcourse unless demonetization has rocked your boat.
Why we always mention money, well, in reality, in our part of the world everything depends on how happy we are, be it any sphere of life.
CRITIC’S TAKE – What do you expect, from the intellects but when they say it’s enjoyable dumb stuff then that’s saying a lot because, in the end, it’s all about the audience which translates into box office plus.


Drama, Romance
RUNNING TIME – 1 Hour 55 minutes
Short and crisp even when trying to be realistic should be the mantra.
BUDGET – 25 crore
It’s almost a hit before the release, can we say that?
DIRECTED BY – Shoojit Sarkar
Age – 54 years
CV – Vicky Donor (2012), Madras Cafe (2013), Piku (2015).
He is one of the very few who does diverse but most importantly with full justice, and that’s a very rare accomplishment hope Karan’s and Aditya’s do the same at least give it a try man.
WRITER – Juhi Chaturvedi
She wrote all the above-mentioned movies, thus has proven credentials. She also penned Khoobsorat (2014).
CAST – Varun Dhawan is almost a good actor in whatever is his forte. The irony is that when other some non-actors do not your everyday commercial cinema they are not dissected but in case of VD preparation is made to almost hanging him why?
Well, the answer is because he is one of the biggest stars and his taking a risk of going opposite to what clicks will always make news and surprise a many if not few.
Gitanjli Rao, Banita Sandhu and Sahil Vedoliyaa are all important ingredients .
SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? Just go for the director and if he is in complete control then it will be a ride to cherish for a long time.
CRITIC’S TAKE – From what we found out it’s a tearjerker which may not be liked by all but can’t be ignored after all.
Wait for the Gyandarbar review as it will reveal all.


It may be a Chennai based product but aptly promoted, they saying Cinema Has No Language, and this movie is where there are no dialogues, so it’s all about the visual and the expressions.
Tagline – Silence is the most powerful scream.
DIRECTED BY – Karthik Subbaraj
Age – 35
CV – Iravir (2016), Jigarthanda (2014) were liked a lot and Pizza (2012) which was appreciated the big time and won awards.

CAST – Prabhu Deva, Gajraj and Ramya Nambeeshan along with others.
SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? Definitely, because the director is proven but most importantly a silent movie is not your every decade stuff, but such silences have got so much potential and can make a larger impact than dialogue’s, so they need our support only then will be more to follow so go for it.
Note – PUSHPAKA VIMANA (1987) do watch and you will realize first hand what we meant.
CRITIC’S TAKE – Let them be silent, and the audience sees and does the talking.

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