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Preview of New Releases: This is ‘IT’ but can’t be said for ‘POSTER BOYS’ maybe for ‘DADDY’

Preview of New Releases: This is 'IT' but can't be said for 'POSTER BOYS' maybe for 'DADDY'
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Preview of New Releases: This is ‘IT’ but can’t be said for ‘POSTER BOYS’ maybe for ‘DADDY’

Analysis & Preview: It, Poster Boys and Daddy.


Directed by – ANDY MUSCHIETTIS whose last MAMA in 2013 was well received by whoever believed is back with a product based on one of the most horrifying novels by the king (of scaring your pants out) himself STEPHEN and this time it looks as if the phrase THIS IS IT is being justified to the fullest by whosoever has seen IT, as it’s giving you the chills spills and shrieks and that’s what we all expect from a horror movie unlike majority of late which turned out more of a horror in a wrong way as the none of the products have had remote relation with the word Scary.

Finally – THIS IS IT go watch IT because IT is everything a scary movie has to satisfy the craving of a  movie junkie and also may reinsure faith of those who don’t watch them anymore and is disheartened and sick  all because of the SHITS being made in the horror genre and giving IT a bad name but maybe IT will resurrect what others didn’t. 



Some people ok many Peeps may argue Sunny Paaji is passed, his time is up. Ok agreed, the person whose Dhaai Kilo Ka Haath doesn’t have the impact which it had but it’s natural, how many have survived? Being in the lead when nearing 60, in fact, the Mughal of Indian cinema Mr. BACHCHAN, if box office is the criteria in solo, stopped delivering and subsequently stopped shouldering projects solely in his 50s. So charisma goes down no matter how much you had the clout it’s but natural and it will happen and keep on happening till the world is around. Now the million dollar question is How to prolong your career in whatever form when being in the lead is gone, Here’s where only a rare are smart like Mr. Amitabh again, also Maintenace of health is paramount. 

So will Poster Boy do the trick for all the concerned who once ruled the box office with hits after hits, well initial truth is Big No actually BIG BIG BIG NO way in fact it will dent the already bent careers of be it Paaji, BOBBY (Who too was once the box office darling) because trailer was as bland as they come. In fact, the idea is unique but the execution seems should have been handled much much better makes you go the back the to the late 80s.

Directed By – Shreyas Talpade a very competent actor, in his first directorial venture of the 2014 remake (in which he himself starred POSHTER BOYZ) and maybe it will be his last, we are not foretelling or criticising but what you see is what you make hopefully the first impression is the last impression is proven wrong this time, because sometimes trailer summed up everything in one word CRAP.

Finally – Another of Sunny Paaji (everyone loves him and even after becoming a force not be reckoned at all at the box office because of a combination of Age, wrong choices and luck. He is still loved and even of late has become socially relevant) POSTER BOYS will suffer the same fate as his last many releases a Big Blunder with No Thunder.


Directed by – ASHIM AHLUWALIA is more of your celebrated Festival types, as all of his movies be it MISS LOVELY (2012) or John and Jane or thin Air all had success where it matters least because in end it’s all about the money and here he has all but honey to distributors. Will it change and his new venture be the Big Daddy of this week only time will tell but if the again trailer is the criteria then it’s looking dicey not based on quality but the subject it’s dealing and the niche audience it’s catering.Whats going for it is that the trailer has not been completely rejected in fact it’s the director’s most anticipated movie though that too in a negligible way but still it’s more than enough and as they say if the product has good the connect anything is possible.

To give his due ASHIM is a good director in whatever capacity you can categorize depending on your like and dislike, it’s just that maybe the subjects he chooses are a novelty but the appeal is rarely and maybe it’s his fault or audience lacks that understanding quality.

Arjun Rampal playing the onscreen ARJUN GAWALI a dreaded gangster of his times is looking menacing and as being poker faced is what was needed, no better to portray such characters to the T as one person who will hit the bull’s eye like Arjun of an epic used to be.

Finally – If you want to revisit a piece of yesteryear era when the word DON was in prominence be it in aam Aadmis life or politics then maybe this is the recipe for you.

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