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Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017

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Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017


Preview: From self-styled GODMAN who jumps and hops like Spiderman flies like Superman vanishes in thin air like Batman, dances and sings putting MICHEAL JACKSON’s soul to shame.

To a  Pioneer who is fast losing respect from his peers what with his average girlfriends not even getting half the respect like hs initial works.

To the reality bites of nationality is directly related to how good is your English and Parents struggle with it,

To a booker prized movie so there is Everything yes, Everything in terms of variety.



Please don’t take it wrong “SAINTS” are important for both ‘Gyan’ and ‘Non-stop entertainment’ weather in real, reel or jail.

This GD article purely related to movies and hope GURUJI blesses us and it becomes a super hit like his earlier movies???? and no one accuses any GURU of being a GURU GHANTAAL.

Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017

Good thing – 139 minutes of bhakti for some and torture for some, ok many, ok none, oh! I shouldn’t lie with the last one. If making movie after movie all self-watched, self-fabricated blockbuster is the criteria for being the ‘KING OF BOLLYWOOD’ then there is no one like “Insaan Sahab”.

“Khete Hain Sach Bolne Se we directly enter to God’s Kingdom”.

Ok ‘GURU JATTU’ with his movies preaches all things right and corrects wrongdoers with his might. Total respect even if it gives Bahubali a complex. But then comes the part which makes you question what ‘SACH’ truly stands for?

Openings are projected as if Bahubali is breaking only Human records as you don’t mess with GOD and final collections of Insaan Ji never arrive because for final there has to be an end, and his movie seldom ends, 6 months minimum the time frame.

Cherry on the cake, Hope it’s Eggless, (Aajkal even pundits eat chicken), his movie stays in one hall at least in Delhi NCR, till his new torture sorry release (best way to utilise black money, buy an Audi (I mean cinema Audi) and send 4 five disciples a week and publish 400 shamelessly. Actually there is a Strawberry too, in terms of his fans who go berserk, sing and dance be it in front of halls or media as if there is no other Saviour, and if you open your mouth then GOD punishes you for questioning his sanity and you go to jail.

Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017

Wow! GOD kicks your ass makes you unimportant (impotency to people around him, so that the forbidden fruits are all his to be tasted and innocence destroyed), What does SATAN stand for then? Maybe if you don’t agree with this Insanity, you are not “INSAAN”, then “WHAT  are WE”?

I AM self-styled Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017closest to GOD also in addition only well-protected soul under our regime.

The question arises God doesn’t need money, He doesn’t need finances, He doesn’t need producers, To showcase his power, to drill what’s wrong what’s right or we know everything but still loved to be taken for a ride “Adat Se Majboor”




“Pure fools”

Finally – Total respect for DR GURUJI Bas Sach ka Saath Naa Chodna because it’s all about collections oops I meant collective efforts for the betterment of society.

Love you guruji period.


Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017

Chetan Bhagat may not half as good a writer he was, why because he has become a businessman? No, because maybe he was at the right place at the right time and now he is in the right business the final time (with Rom-coms not as strong may not last long). But what about credibility? When people don’t have thought process quality then why question the creators of mediocrity.


Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017

Our education system is directly proportional to our society’s shallowness. It starts with this Shaadi Kara Do Jawaan Ho Gaya Hai, Sahi Time Pe Bacche Aur Phir, the circle of children tension and losing attention starts.

Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017

Hopefully, the movie brings forth the Dilemma and also gives the solution in a way that touches your heart but with a smile because ‘smile Nahi Kiya To Kya Jiyaa’

Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017

But one thing which will definitely make you go waah is Irfan’s charisma, always Hamesha Sada.


There is a sense of ending in terms of anything that’s everything when it comes to Hollywood movies because only super Heroes sell rest as if deserve to go to hell or we live in hell so love when all hell breaks loose AVENGERS” style.

THE SENSE OF AND ENDINGPreview: New Releases May 19th, 2017


Preview: New Releases May 19th, 2017

Food for thought:

If CHINA can why can’t we endorse and promote quality (mind you there is only one EMPEROR of CREDIBILITY and rest are “THUGS OF HINDUSTAN”)

DANGAL” the perfect example of small can sell if the people are ready to smell, but then you get what you deserve as a society and we only smell blood and lust for ‘Power and Greed’.

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