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Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

New Releases, March
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Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017



Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

The “Raja Babu” of the 80s and 90s box office, “The Collie No1” in terms of carrying the movie on his shoulders, “The Hero No1” of the public, for the producers, distributors, and exhibitors in general, is back with a BANG – Really? Hope I could say it but GOVINDA is not in sync with today’s times is no secret, and further legitimates the point.

Directed by – Dipankar Senapati 

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Previous Work – Shedin Dekha Hoyechilo, Le Halwa Le (Surely the audience will feel, kya dimag ka halwa hai re)

Written by – Govinda and Co.

Pictures say a thousand words, don’t they?

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017


Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Can you digest? Well, then what about some more?

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Felt nostalgic or gone ballistic?

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

His pet name Chi Chi seems apt for this movie, right?

Irony – In Govinda’s own admission, the current heart-throb and flag bearer of substandard yet blockbuster stuff called him and congratulated the most versatile star of the last few decades and said Chi Chi Bhaiya ‘I loved your trailer’, wouldn’t have called if had not liked for sure? That’s the state of sensibility. God save Bollywood.

Reality Bites – The Batton has been passed from one to another Govinda in the making, Varun Dhawan, who is in the same Boat as his senior was once, “Rowing Away To Glory” enjoy till there comes a hole or be careful and it’s resurrection done in time make sure.


Starring and Directed by – Rajkumar Rao and Vikramaditya Motwani

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Cast – Rao, the extremely talented and very very powerful in whatever one dimension he acts.

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Running Time – 105 minutes.

Here is where the makers are either trying to do justice to the thrillers as they should be and flow is not broken or it’s a new gimmick where no intermission like they have in Hollywood. 

Well, in the audience some might argue what if some one wants to go to the loo or someone wants to serve their tummy? Also, in addition, this may lead to folks getting up and disturbing others. Others may complain of economics attached like popcorn and Pepsi.

How do offshore people tackle is what would be interesting to find till then all arguments seem valid and right.

Produced by –

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Except for Rajkumar, the rest along with Anurag Kashyap form “Phantom Films” and have given disasters in their last products if an individual direction is concerned.


Director combo – Abbas-Mustan, Brothers in arms when it comes to crime thrillers.

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

‘The Brothers In Whites’ Abbas Bhai and Mustan Bhai, they have done it many times and their forte is back with another edge of the seat thriller but with the additional burden of introducing Abbas’s son.

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Hopefully like they have been the fuel which launched many rockets in the past, they will do it on the home front too.

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

What’s noticeable of late chart busters songs of the 90s have been remixed, mashed and in reality, their impact crushed with dull presentation be it Hamma Hamma or Tu cheez bade hai Mast.

Reality check – Quality in terms of charisma is the need of the hour on the hero front as sadly industry still is surviving on the Khans from more than two decades, with in between sparks of some.


Beauty And The Beast

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Directed by – Bill Condon

Last product – Dream girls (2008) which won multiple Oscars in Best supporting actress and Sound Mixing.

Preview: New Releases, March 17th 2017

Cast –

Emma Watson as Belle

Dan Stevens as Beast

Supporting Players –

Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Ewan Mcgregor, Emma Thomson and Ian McKellen

Budget – 160 million USD 

What makes Hollywood the big daddy of the movie-going world is they can afford to have back to back release in Logan, Kong-Skull Island and now BATB and still afford to make them all safe bets at the ticket window.

Weekend Choice

To be realistic not one of them is creating any vibe nor giving audience to must watch type hype.

We at GD feel Bollywood is spoilt for choices but when was the last time when they made us spoilt for both quantity and quality, or now some EMPEROR has to shoulder that burden too.

As in case to the new Hollywood release, it may create a storm worldwide what with holiday season commencing their, but here it’s got all wrong especially at the time of release department. Who makes the decisions of choosing the theater showcasing? Either they are too positive or plain naive, latter one seems more in your face.

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