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Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

Shawn Kalon
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PREVIEW: New Releases  June 2nd, 2017

Preview: GAUTAM GAMBHIR writes the same way as he used to bat a few years back AGGRESSIVE, ATTACKING PASSIONATE but most importantly makes up for his lack of the smile on the ground by his entertaining writing this proving you don’t need to be a joker to make the world happier. 

Ok, what am I talking? what’s  GAUTAM to do with releases, well nothing only if they could make their Screenplay even half as entertaining we could have more such DANGAL’S coming our way then to wait for every 2 years what say or another IPL and GG at his best.

It’s holidays schools are closed so the movie which stands to gain the most is;


Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

It’s got what it takes to bring families to the seats and having SALMAN’s voiceover is a cherry on the cake.

The next in line should be purely going on what is being showcased 


Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

Yaa, Hindi film industry is not into cheat steal mode as of now (fear of being sued as Hollywood production houses have stakes like never before).

A remake of OCULUS which was directed by Mike Flanagan and was appreciated, and that the original director gets impressed by the current PRAWAAL’s and his cinematic presentation says a lot. Hopefully, it’s all true and nothing make-believe blue, but he has proven credentials to give RAMAN the due.


Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

Looks as if this week is “Spook he’ll out of you Treat” with another thriller an ensemble cast hopefully should turn out to be khaas.

MIRROR GAME: Ab Khel Shuru

Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

Yet another thriller and hopefully Khel Shuru Hone Se Phele khatam Naa Ho Jaaye. Which is a big minus point because the audience doesn’t look beyond star cast and if they look then it’s some controversy Jhakaas. 

Sweetie weds NRI

Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

OK at least visit it on torrents. 


Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

Nice to see MANISHA KOIRALA back on screen (For those who don’t know she was on verge of making it big with quite a few flicks but then most didn’t click in addition to her not so professional attitude and outside antics she faded as fast as she Came) after recovering from cancer and far more self-aware than ever she looks great in the trailers and the film too is looking promising. 



Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

The perfect example of how paid reviews and Rotten Tomatoes make a movie not even take off when it has the most happening STAR who was ROCK solid at the box office but as they say it takes only one to spoil your gun and unfortunately PRIYANKA couldn’t experience her place in the sun. 

Overhype nosedive? Who will be a bigger FLOP?  DEEPIKA or? Ok, it’s not laughing at the expense of anyone but then we had better representatives of India in West and they didn’t get their due of what they actually deserved from their origins  RIP OM PURI SAAB.


Preview: New Releases June 2nd, 2017

Wonder Women is big, it’s huge, and yes it’s getting rave reviews like only experienced in THE DARK KNIGHT zone.

Ok those who think Hollywood doesn’t get impacted by ROTTEN TOMATOES or META CRITICS in terms of credibility 



And of late


Prove the point that quality doesn’t get lost in ratings and reflects somewhere down the line.

Be it WARNER BROS or Hollywood dishing more women-centric superhero movies is solely depending on the shoulders of this woman who hopefully will be A WONDER and not A BLUNDER.

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